If you are into fitness and you have Instagram, you most likely know who Zac Smith  is or have seen him within multiple fitness videos, photos or expos that may have popped up onto your Instagram feed.

Fitness sensation Zac Smith joined us here at Human Performance Centre at our Gold Coast InBody Showroom to find out his current body composition!

When Zac walk through the doors of HPC, you are amazed at the size of him, it’s apparent the man trains HARD! It is an inspiration to see some of Australia’s best fitness personalities walk through the door and use our technology to keep their health in check.
If you haven’t heard of InBody Body Composition Analysers before, it uses advanced patented technology and Bioelectrical Impedance analysis (BIA) as a method to measure one’s body composition. As InBody is well known for stepping outside the parameters of other body composition measurement technology we know that InBody measures you for YOU. There are no guesses here!

HPC utilises InBody to measure our students ongoing progress over their entire course! With Scans at the start, midway and end, we can see the students putting their knowledge into action and smashing their health and fitness goals! Just like Zac has done for himself. Zac set himself a 4-week challenge, with the intention to increase muscle mass and decrease Body Fat levels, and that’s exactly what Zac Achieved! 😊

Zac began his challenge on 04th March 2019 at the weight of 105.3kg – 56.2 Kg of Muscle and 9.9kg of Body Fat held within the bodies 3 different types of fat (Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat and Brown Adipose Tissue) and in just under 4 weeks on 02nd April 2019, Zac returned with a new weight of 110.2 Kgs – Skeletal Muscle Mass sitting at 59.1 kg and his Body Fat Mass measuring at 9.6 kg!

That’s incredible! What a Result!

That measures at a total of 4.9 Kgs of weight gain, a 2.9 Kg increase in muscle as well as 400g drop in body fat!

This is just a testament to what you can achieve when you set yourself a time frame and with the use of an InBody Body Composition Analyser, you are able to track your progress to ensure you are achieving your goals!


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