Why become a personal trainer?

Join an industry that is booming!

Personal Trainers are in high demand all over Australia. The Gold Coast is Australia’s prime location in terms of the high growth of the Fitness Industry due to the weather, beach locations and rapid increase of fitness facilities. So why not make this your time & join an industry that is booming!

Imagine how unique your life could be. Most people start a career and consequently have to build their lifestyle around that; instead, start your lifestyle and build your career around it. In essence, you will never look at work the same way again. With the ever-increasing acceptance of the use of social media, it creates an ideal platform to easily market and develop yourself as a highly qualified personal trainer. When it comes to being a Personal Trainer, the sky really is the limit as far as success goes – we get what we put in. Additionally, you get to be your own boss, run your business how you deem fit, work the hours that best suit you and your clients; and choose whatever you’d like to specialise in. What’s not to love?!

The Facts

You could make a change!


23% of children age 5-17 are over-weight or obese. Less than half are getting the recommended physical activity per day


94% of queenslanders DID NOT meet recommended vegetable consumption


66% of males are overweight or obese


36% of energy intake by Queensland adults was from junk food


41% of females are overweight or obese


38% DID NOT meet recommendations for physical activity

Australians develop diabetes every day and 60% of type II diabetes can be prevented through diet and exercise

2013-14 - Australians will spend $11.7 billion on unhealthy fast foods

What’s in it for you?

Work your own hours

Set your own hours – you dictate your earnings.

Be your own boss

Control your freedom.


Flexibility to work your clients around your own commitments, life, friends and family.


Every day is different! Meet new clients, face new challenges.

Change the lives of others

Great intrinsic job satisfaction – see the change you are bringing to your clients.

Keep fit at work

Get paid to get fit, stay fit and be healthy!