What are you waiting for?

The right bank balance, the right body, the right time. We love to find reasons not to do things, don’t we? Too often, we become victims of our own excuses, our own, “one day.”

The trouble with that is, if we’re saying & thinking things like, ‘one day,’ &, ‘the right time;’ the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, & years are simply passing us by.

‘One day,’ &, ‘the right time,’ never comes.

We are the ones that make, ‘one day,’ today; we are the ones who decide that now is the right time; it doesn’t just come to us on a silver platter & we can’t keep waiting until everything’s perfect because real life isn’t perfect – it’s beautifully flawed, unexpected, & mysterious, & that’s what keeps life exciting & what keeps us growing beyond our comfort zones.

We have to decide; we have to take action; & we have to work hard to make our dreams become our reality; to make our goals become our achievements; & to make our passions become our life’s work.

Just like there is never a right time or a one day, it’s also never too late to realise what it is that makes us happy, & what it is that we want to spend our life doing. It doesn’t matter if we’re 17 or 70; what does matter, is that we GET THERE & MAKE IT HAPPEN in this lifetime.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to waste my life on, ‘one day’s.’

I want to live my life to the fullest today.

Don’t waste another second of your life wishing, hoping, & dreaming of, ‘one day.’ You have the power, this is YOUR life. Take control, take the leap, & live your dreams & goals out every day, starting today!


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