Fitness has always been a consistent part of my life since the early age of 15 when I started boxing and training in a gym environment! As we know, we can’t always control what gets thrown at us in life, but I found comfort, control and peace in the gym.

I’ve always had a confident, uplifting personality and had hoped that I could motivate and make a difference one day – somehow! And one day it hit me, that all those years spent in the gym and the love I had for training, evolved into a passion to help others reach a state of happiness with not only physical health, but mental health.

I moved back to the Gold Coast in January 2018 after 18 months in Melbourne, and I – like a lot of others, was suffering from severe depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I began my journey with HPC in February of 2018 and that is where my life took a turn, for the BETTER. Little did I know, but this was the start of me living my dreams!

The friendship, support and knowledge I gained at HPC is something I couldn’t be more grateful for. I learnt not only the tools to be a Trainer and help others in a physical sense, but I learnt tools that I could take into every day life. To surround yourself with the right people, who want you to succeed. To understand that bad days are ok, but not to give up.

With the help of HPC, I was able to find my purpose and BEAT my depression, anxiety and able to come off of medication and truly see that there is a beautiful life to live and enjoy!

I now have started 2019, with my DREAM job! Working as a Personal Trainer, Assistant Manager of Elite Supplements, and most importantly in the best mental head space and happier than I’ve been in my 26 years. I truly couldn’t have accomplished anything I have, without the love and support of my friends for life at HPC.

My advice to anyone who shares similar passions for fitness or even struggling with mental health – That voice that is telling you you can’t do it, is you. And YOU can choose not to let the negative in and believe in the positive, and believe in YOU!

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Instagram: Tiffvny.j