So, you want to be a Personal Trainer?

You want to find a way to not only show the world what you’ve got as a trainer, but also what you could do to help them change their lives forever. Maybe you’re just wanting to work on your own skills in training and nutrition and reach your own health goals.

There is no better time to become a qualified personal trainer than NOW! The world is consumed by the health and fitness industry whether it be through sports, training, nutrition or the human body, and society is quickly starting to realise that not only their own, but their family’s health is a number one priority.

The demand for personal trainers is HUGE; the industry is continuing to grow every day, and the chunk of people that are looking to further their health and wellness needs YOU. They need you to help benefit their lives. BUT first, you will need to make the choice to benefit yours.

If this is something you have wanted to do for some time now, we can give you a list of reasons that will leave you with no excuse as to why you SHOULDN’T do it.

Whether you are working full time, studying at university, or running a busy household and looking after a family, we can work with you using our flexible study options to further your knowledge and get you qualified at a pace that suits you.

What will you get if you choose us to help you get certified in one of the world’s leading industries.

  • Free use of the HPC GYMS! Yes two! While you are a student here you can use our equipment as your own personal iron jungle.
  • You will be trained in our state-of-the-art facility using an array of gym equipment, providing you with the experience you need to be industry ready when you graduate. You will be fully equipped to conduct group fitness training sessions using a range of apparatus such as kettlebells, bands, plyometrics boxes and battle ropes!
  • YOU WONT ONLY GET YOUR CERTIFICATE III & IV. You will get an additional 5 certificates to have under your belt.
    You will graduate as a fully – fledged Children’s Trainer in an area of  the industry that is hardly touched but is in HIGH DEMAND!
  • An HPC Exclusive is that you will obtain a FEMALE SPECIFIC TRAINING certificate; this is a very significant element to the course as this unit will educate you to understand the hormonal factors which could challenge a female’s ability to make progress with her fitness goals, as well as the common barriers faced when training a female client.
  • Have you ever wanted to be a boxing instructor? You will also gain certification as a Boxing for Fitness instructor! This will give you a taste for the role, as well as give you a fun, challenging addition to any workout regime and a desirable skill for you to have a successful PT.
  • Perhaps you were wanting to steer down the path of Nutritional Health. Nutrition and Diet Programming goes hand in hand with any fitness program. It is a key player in achieving fitness results. With the decision to enrol into Certificate III & IV in Fitness, you will walk away with a Certificate in Advanced Nutrition Level I, with the option to complete the Advanced Nutrition Level II Course as an additional certificate you can add to your extensive list.
  • NOT ONLY do you get all the above, you also leave with lifelong friends, support and be exposed to a range of networks and industry partners of HPC.


Industry professionals are looking to hire the best in the biz. HPC is constantly being contacted by gyms and fitness studios sourcing our graduates. WHY? Because they want to confidently hire individuals they KNOW will provide value to their business.

Not only that, you will allow yourself to gain flexible working hours as you will have the ability to work your business around your lifestyle 😊