Taylor Whiteford

My name is Taylor Whiteford and I’m a personal trainer with Anytime Fitness after completing my certificates with HPC.

During my time at HPC I was not only also studying full time at university, but also in the middle of moving interstate at the end of the course. Despite the difficulties of this, HPC staff did everything that they could to support me in the course, to provide flexibility around my other commitments, and to motivate me until the very end. I couldn’t think of any other training provider that would help me the way that HPC did.

I was offered employment as a personal trainer two weeks after finishing the course at HPC, and I have never looked back. One of the best feelings I have ever experienced is having a client come to me to tell me that they’ve finally lost the weight they couldn’t lose, or that they can finally do something that they’ve never been able to do before. To be able to help people and to do something that you’re passionate about is unbelievable, and I have HPC to thank for that.

The things that you learn during the course will give you not only the knowledge and experience that you need to get started in the fitness industry, but also for your own self improvement, motivation, and desire to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Being at HPC was like being a part of a family, and I can easily say that I have made friendships that will last for years to come. I enjoyed every single day of the HPC course and will never forget my time with such amazing staff, facilities, and friends. I would recommend HPC to anyone.

Instagram: @taylataylajade

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