Sunny Beck

I was overweight my entire childhood and teen years. I decided that I had enough and started training out of a gym. The instant I stepped foot inside I fell in love with the energy and lifestyle. I knew that one day I would become a trainer and help others reach their goals and meet their true physical potential. Years later I finally built up the courage to enrol with my partner. We absolutely loved the whole experience from all the things we learnt, the fun group activities, the family like environment, the friendly staff and fellow classmates and all the knowledge from the teachers that made the classes so enjoyable. 

Now that we’ve finished the course, we are both Personal Training out of World Gym Ashmore which has always been my dream gym and have also been online coaching from our own business Eternal Life Fitness. The journey so far has been so rewarding, seeing our clients transform physically and mentally and reaching their goals that they did not think were possible before. We have also both competed in bodybuilding shows since completing the course. I did the IFBB Classic physique season A 2021 where I dropped 23kg in 16 weeks! and My partner also did the IFBB Bikini show and the WBFF Bikini diva show. This is just the beginning of our careers in the fitness industry.

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