For me there was no other way, I always knew that I’d be in the industry of making people feel good.
Human Performance Centre gave me the tools l needed to make it all happen.
I was a student in 2013 and after realizing l could make a real impact in my life and in this around me l went on to be a highly paid personal trainer, training from HPC in just months.
I worked long and l worked hard as l leaped into the fitness industry making my mark.
Whether you want to learn more just because you are feeling stagnant or you are actually wanting to make a change in your life or of those around you, know that you can!
Know that it won’t be a walk in the park, know that its highly rewarding & know that you can make a serious income from simply doing something you love every single day. Like me!

Since the beginning I’ve had some really good years both professional & personally, I’ve also had some horrible years but more personal & financially.

Just over 2 years ago l was faced with a beautifully horrific incident that has left me with no feeling in more right leg, mental trauma & financial hardship, all that sounds horrible l know but what helped me get through it and back onto the road to recovery was what I learnt at HPC. The skills and the mindset l gained & the independence of working for myself. I relocated and found work straight away while rehabilitating my own body, my personal training business & classes are busier than ever and l even teach while still recovering, l make the rules with when l work & when l don’t.

The best thing l did was attend a HPC information night.

Sam Wallace