Sally Gabriella

I grew up in a traditional, strict household where good grades and university was expected. So, that was all I knew. But what I didn’t know was what I wanted to become in the future. I had a dream to become a television host, so journalism was the obvious university degree – but of course, as per expectations, I had to study a double degree, so I threw in law as well.

While I enjoyed my journalism degree, I struggled with law. I worked hard, so I always passed.  I ultimately graduated from both degrees in 2012 (which I am very proud of), and went on to become admitted as a solicitor. But something was missing – passion, love.

During my last year at university, I had thought about completing an online personal training course. I had loved health and fitness since the age of 14, so being a personal trainer interested me. But, I didn’t get the support that I was wanting, so I let the idea slide. And I am so glad that I did, because in 2013, I decided to pursue my passion and found HPC.

My time at HPC was nothing but incredible, and I cannot believe that I almost went via the online route! What I loved about HPC was the physical aspect of it – the interaction with the staff, connecting with like-minded students, and learning one-on-one from some very knowledgeable trainers.

Since completing my Cert III and IV in Fitness, I have plunged into the industry. I am now a PT at EMF Fitness Centre, I have created my own booty bands – Cheeky Peach Booty Bands, I have competed in a bodybuilding show (ICN) where I place 1st in Bikini First Timers and 5th in both Bikini Novice and Bikini Opens, I have written my own ‘shred’ ebook, and I have the privilege and honour to represent and work for Green Tea X50/ THS Nutrition.

Nothing fulfils me more than to see my clients become stronger, healthier, fitter and happier. I have found my passion and love, and I can only thank HPC for the skills and knowledge to help others to become a better version of themselves.

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