Tell us your story, who’s Rikki-Lee Fit?

My drive has always been to do something that would help people, but I didn’t really know how. When I was young, I was always on stage, doing singing competitions, and always loved doing things that made people smile and made people happy.

After finishing school, I decided I wanted to work in the police force. I realised quickly how cliquey and horrible women can be – as a young and attractive blonde girl, other women would often put me down instead of raising me up. They saw me as competition. Throughout that process, I realised how important having a close group of women was – women who raised each other up, turn up for each other and hold each other in times of need.

At this point, I was the fittest and happiest I had ever been in my life, and I was training with amazing group of girls. I had a horrific accident in the kitchen – and while it was a bloody mess, at the time, I didn’t think it was a big deal. But, two weeks later I started to lose feeling in my toes and foot. I went to hospital, and the doctor said I had an infection, a severed nerve and severed tendon. They sent me to a specialist to have surgery, where they took the tendon from my hamstring and put it back into my foot.

I was in a moon boot with a steel rod for three months, going insane. It was at this stage I needed something to keep my brain focused. I had always spoken about doing my PT course but wasn’t confident in myself to pursue starting a business. The girls I trained sat me down and told they would support me to grow my business – without their unwavering support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So, while I was recovering, I did my PT course with HPC on the Gold Coast.

It was thanks to the girls and the power of the community around me that I realised that this business was really a thing I could do – and it truly gave me purpose. If I couldn’t be physically active, I needed to be mentally active – and I didn’t need to be part of the police force to help people.

I’d always loved the group side of exercise – how it’s competitive, challenging, motivating, and builds community and accountability. That’s where my business was born!

Why did you decide to train with HPC?

I’d always wanted to do my personal training certificate, but whenever I interacted with a company it was always met with someone who was really fake and soulless – it was really frustrating for a people-based industry! When I contacted HPC, every point of touch with them was always genuine and authentic – they were real people who really, genuinely cared about all of their clients. They had me from the very first phone call I had with them. They had soul and feeling, it was all quality and you could tell everyone was truly passionate about what they were doing.

After my accident I was obviously in a moon boot, and despite all the physical challenges I faced HPC were so flexible, accommodating and happy to help – they totally made the training work for me, no questions asked. The quality of the training was incredible – everything from their facilities to their trainers. I have nothing but praise to sign about HPC!

How do you get started?

When I started training with my friends and realised that it was actually my friends that were what got me out of bed every morning (and they’re still my motivation to this day!),  it struck me that I should set up a space to build up women together to be better and live a better life (together!) – which is when Bod Squad by Rikki Lee and my 12-week challenges were born.

What does a day in the life of Rikki look like?

My day starts bright and early – I’m up before the sun to set up for my first outdoor boot camp in beautiful Lennox Head, which starts at 5:45am and runs till 6:45am. I run through my first session with my first group of girls, then my second group arrives for their session at 6:45am till 7:45am. I’ll then have my own workout – which is usually a weights session in the gym with some girlfriends or a beachside run before heading to the salon for the day – I’m a nail technician and run my own salon.

I finish up at the salon at around 5pm and head back to Lennox for my last session of the day, which starts at 5:45pm. I’ll then head home to have dinner and relax with my boyfriend Adam for the evening before catching up on a few hours’ beauty sleep then I get up and do it all again! It’s a lot to manage in one day – but I’m truly living my passion and my dream and working with 70+ incredible women every day. It’s a total blessing to be so busy!

What’s on the horizon?

Moving forward, I’m looking to grow my team and business to include more trainers and sessions – I’m currently a one woman show training 70 women a day and had to turn too many people away for my last challenge! I’m also in the process of launching a website to streamline my administrative workload, and I’d love to build digital community from that platform around health and fitness in the future.

Currently my social media platforms are

FB Bod Squad By Rikki-lee 

Insta @rikkileefit 

Website: www.bodsquad.com.au

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