Are you sitting at your desk, scrolling through the internet, looking at things that set your soul on fire? Are you daydreaming about what you COULD be doing to add excitement into your life, while you wonder WHAT IF? What if you took that chance to follow your dreams?

If yes, let me ask you one question? If you could change your career today, would you? Passion is a huge part of each one of our lives, finding that feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something that makes us want to instinctively want to follow it. Have you experienced that feeling when you are doing something you love? Here are some reasons to follow your passion!

Firstly, Life’s too short. Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t fill you with happiness, we must use the days, weeks, months and years that we are given in life to provide ourselves with a life that we designed to be the best versions of our lives.

Giving ourselves a chance to find a sense of purpose, a reason to exist in this world, allowing us to achieve more, do more, be more and instil something bigger into this world than just simply ‘existing’.

Secondly, happiness is the number one important thing! You don’t want to live your life falling anything short of happy, and of course another bonus is that it doesn’t feel like work.

Following your passion in life and doing what you love for a living won’t feel like work, you could wake up feeling energised, filled with enthusiasm and it’s all because you will start your days doing what you LOVE.

Finally, when you start doing what you enjoy in life, you will realise you aren’t just adding value to your own life, you are adding value to others. You will be so passionate about it that you’ll be 100% in, no questions asked, no doubt, no convincing yourself that you must get out of bed in the morning. and the beauty of it all is that you’ll end up delivering more than you expect to others… All caused by a ripple effect from following your passion.

So, now you’re on the HPC website, looking at courses 😊 What’s stopping you? It’s your dream, right?