Hey there HPC FitFam!

For me, 2019 is all about 2 major things; doing activities that scare me the most and achieving the things that have always been on my bucket list. I know, it sounds totally crazy but bear with me, I promise it makes sense. To put it simply, I am chasing that everlasting feeling of achievement, that feeling of total and utter accomplishment.

Hence my recent entry into the Gold Coast Triathlon. This has been on my list for years, literally years, however I continued to put it off as I thought I was never “fit” enough. So, in true Kate style, I entered my first competitive Triathlon… 8 days before race day! To say I was under prepared would have been a complete understatement. Let me paint you a picture, for the past 4 months I have been focusing on gaining strength and muscle mass with little to no cardio training.

But there I was, on the shoreline fastening on my goggles, awaiting the starter gun that would allow my entry into the water. I entered strong (may I add, I am extremely competitive, losing was not an option), I went as hard as I could possibly go. 50m passes and I’m still top 2 of the pack, but then it suddenly hits me, the swim is a lot longer than originally anticipated and before even entering I hadn’t properly gone swimming in years. Before I knew it, 5 people had passed me, and I was really slowing down. I decide to bring it back and pace myself and think about the race ahead, it’s almost as if I had completely forgotten about the bike and run components of the race.

I exit the water, legs are full of lactic acid and I am completely out of breath. The crowd spurs me on to keep moving forward. I move into the transition area and grab my bike. Now this is where it gets funny – remember back to when I said I had 8 days to prepare, yeah well that also meant I had 8 days to find a suitable bike and helmet. A mountain bike and a snowboarding helmet was all I had access to, and with the overwhelming number of professional competitors with their fully kitted out road bikes, I really stood out, and not for the right reasons. No matter the gear I was always going to do this race to the best of my ability, so off I go, full speed as hard as I could, however I was no match beside these road bikes.

I soon complete my bike leg of the race and prepare for the run. This was the leg I knew I would excel in, I was very confident in my ability to control my breathing. However wrong I was again, my legs felt like they were trailing through honey, completely full of lead, I wouldn’t even call it a run, I would call it a shuffle.

Nevertheless, I completed the entire race without stopping and found that sense of accomplishment that I was searching for. I wanted to share this story with you to inspire you all to go for the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of this feeling, a small amount of discomfort for a long feeling of accomplishment is well worth it, trust me!

Remember this story for the next time you hesitate or doubt yourself, you are capable beyond your imagination, stop dreaming and start doing.

P.s. To my surprise I came home with a 1st in my age division!