Our 10 top tips on getting back into exercise after having kids

Remember when you were kid free… You could do whatever you wanted… Whenever you wanted… Well, so do I! Boy, how times have changed since popping out a little one. I love being a parent so much but because I was so consumed in making sure my family were taken care of, I forgot about myself. We all know the benefits of working out. Exercise has amazing effects on both your physical and mental health but the combination of #parentlife as well as #mumguilt (or #dadguilt) generally result in your own fitness goals being put on the back burner. Here, we have put together some tips on how to get back into fitness after starting a family.

Plan ahead

Go through your diary in advance and mark in when you want to work out. You don’t need to block out hours at a time – even 15 minutes is better than nothing! If you plan your workouts in advance, you are much more likely to follow through, rather than just waiting for an opportunity to arise (we all know how that goes!).

Find a gym that has childminding

There are so many great gyms out there now where you can book your children in for childminding. Find one you like and pop the kids in care while you go to your favourite gym class or hit the weights!

Work out as a family

Pack the family into the car and go for a nice long walk down the beach or grab some bikes and go for a ride with the kids. Exercise doesn’t always mean lifting weights. Moving your body is so important and these are such great ways to spend some more quality time together!

Make the most of nap time

Pop bubba in the stroller and head out for a run (or walk, depending on your fitness levels) during nap time. Baby gets some fresh air (and still has a nap) and you get some extra endorphins!

Tag team exercise

Plan between yourself and your partner to watch the kids while the other exercises, and then switch.

‘Mums & bubs’ boot camps

Check out the boot camps in your area- there are so many out there now that include ‘mums & bubs’ classes where you can bring your baby along while you work out!

Get those steps up

Invest in a pedometer and try and get those steps in. Set yourself daily target – these daily targets are amazing on days where you may not be able to fit in a big workout to help you to keep on track.

Work out at home

Whether the kids are asleep or awake, whether you have gym equipment or nothing at all, there are plenty of ways to get that heart rate up when you’re at home. Just look up ‘home workout’ on Youtube and you’ll be amazed how many ideas you will find.

Wake up early

Set your alarm a bit earlier in the mornings and fit in your exercise before the rest of the family wakes up.  Not only will it increase your energy levels, but it will also kickstart your metabolism for the day! Make sure you have your gym clothes and shoes laid out ready to go – something as simple as a missing runner can make you cancel the entire workout!

Don’t forget that food counts too

Make sure you are fuelling your body properly! Drink at least 2L of water each day and make sure you’re eating a healthy balanced diet. You’d be amazed at how your body responds just by cleaning up your diet. Now all you need to do is pick and choose some of these tips that you find fit best into your current lifestyle, get back on track with the pre-baby fitness goals and claim back some of that much needed me-time!

Author: Jaz Greer – HPC Team


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