Nadine Muller

I’ve grown up keeping fit and healthy and as a Nursing Officer enlisted in the Australian Military (Air Force) has meant my fitness has been at the forefront of what I do not just personally but professionally as well. As an Emergency Registered Nurse, the role is demanding and unpredictable to the say the least. Emergency Military nurses are exposed to often traumatic and confronting situations and as a result the job is physically and mentally demanding. Ensuring I keep the mind and body strong allows me to be on my best game. However since becoming a Mother did my true passion for health and fitness emerge. I saw the strength and tenacity of the human body through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum which allowed me to wholeheartedly appreciate just how remarkable the human body is and how thankful we should be each day for it.

I’ve been in the military for ten years now but it was for this ‘new found appreciation’ that during my Maternity Leave I knew that I wanted to add Personal Trainer to the mix. Initially it was simply to better myself, to increase my knowledge to incorporate into my own training postpartum but very quickly I knew it was something that I needed to do as another profession too – I had to share my passion with others! Now not only am I a Mum and a ED Nurse but I am an experienced Personal Trainer, F45 Group Training Coach and Fitness Blogger and nothing excites me more knowing that I get to meet, interact with and connect with so many people everyday. I get to apply my passion, knowledge, experience and my sheer love of fitness in the hope to inspire and enrich others and that is something I am immensely proud of and it all humbly begun in the walls of Human Performance Centre (HPC).

People often ask how I’m able to juggle the numerous hats I wear on a daily basis, aside from my passion and dedication the biggest reason is of course my son – Madden. His little observing eyes are watching my every move – day in, day out. I know that my influence as a mother is extremely powerful and I will cultivate that at all costs for his upbringing. There is nothing that makes me smile more when I see him at my gym crèche mimicking movements he see’s on a daily basis e.g. trying to push sleds, lift medicine balls, squat, even foam rolling haha. I simply hope that my positive influence means Madden will understand the importance of pursuing an active life, a life of learning, adventure and the ability to achieve whatever he sets his mind to.

Studying at HPC whilst having a new baby was a very fulfilling experience and whilst at times it was difficult to juggle, with HPC’s flexibility and their willingness to make it work for anyone and everyone meant it certainly was not impossible. I decided to take my studies at a comfortable pace, because I really did want to focus wholeheartedly on being a Mum first and foremost. But looking back on the time I’m so glad I did, it became another element of ‘me’ time and not only did I gain a high level of education but by doing so provided me with so much more self-motivation and satisfaction just by doing and achieving!

When it came to deciding on an institution to do my PT studies through, I looked no further than the renowned HPC as being the ‘gold-standard’ RTO. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the delivery style, the methods along with the flexibility which was perfect for my family and I. HPC graduates are sought after, especially here on the Gold Coast, in fact I had a PT position waiting for me the day I graduated. The course content was relevant, factual and was based on quality evidence with practical components at the forefront. The experience and knowledge of the staff at HPC was second to none, they are so passionate and proud to be apart of the team and that speaks volumes in itself. I met a lot of new friends whom I still keep in contact with today and many memories that I hold dear. HPC is truly like one big family and as a centre that breathes life-long learning, I have returned back to HPC more recently to further develop my PT education and portfolio in the additional courses they provide so I can continue to broaden my knowledge and skills along a continuum. I cannot recommend HPC enough and I am incredibly proud to be a HPC graduate.

3 Words to describe HPC: Driven – Elite – Energetic

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