Matt Dart

I was always the athletic kid growing up. I LOVE the outdoors and the feeling of your blood pumping, the push and most of all the challenge. In my younger years my fitness journey really started when I discovered cricket at the age of 5. It led me through so many stages of my life and taught me a lot about hard work and the drive to achieve excellence. My cricket career led me to play for Australia not only in our beautiful country but also abroad. However, once I decided to take a step back from professional sport my health and motivation for fitness took a turn for the worst. I found that I, like most people had put health and wellbeing on the back burner and not a top priority.

After a couple of years and as life goes a few “ups and downs” I decided I needed to put “me” first. I surrounded myself with positive minded people and immersed myself in brands that believe in health starting from the inside out. I started my first ever 12-week challenge and it did not disappoint! Not only did I have incredible results, it opened my eyes to the magnificent world of fitness and the impacts it has on your mental health. After completing my challenge, I knew I needed to find a way to help other people start their health journey and motivate them to achieve their goals. Which is where my business Magnum Fitness was born.

I had 2 options, I could do a cheap generic online course or I could invest in HPC and get the one-on-one training and knowledge to really make a difference. So, I made the choice to work full time through the days and drive Uber through the nights while studying. HPC was the perfect option for me, I could ask as many questions as I wanted and really immersed myself in the fitness world. The staff are extremely friendly and help guide you to be some of the best in the business.

After Graduating from HPC in December 2019 I started an online PT business. It was the perfect staring point with the world entering a pandemic, it enabled me to help keep people motivated and in control of a small part of their lives in a time when nobody knew what was going to happen. From there once major lockdowns ended in July 2020, I entered into my first face to face gym. Within 15 days I was completely booked out and hired 2 trainers to work under Magnum Fitness. After just 8 weeks in my first location, I decided it was time to move into a second location which was a complete success. I was booked out within 3 days and hired another 2 trainers for the second location.

Now Magnum Fitness is about to open its first Flagship Studio in North Brisbane! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve success this quickly without the support of my business coach and the unbeatable training HPC provides.

With Gratitude, Matt.


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