Price Fitness is a family orientated community that is built on fun times and results based in Currumbin, Gold Coast. Price Fitness is a training facility that specialises in Personal Training, Group Fitness & 24hour Gym access. You’re not a number at Price, you’re a part of our Price Fitness Family #PRICEFITNESSFAMILY.

What was the reason that you decided to get certified?

I was right into health & fitness and wanted to know more about training & nutrition.

Why did you choose HPC to complete your qualifications?

My wife Tamra Bow found HPC online, called them and booked an appointment with GT. We sat down with the big man and within 5mins I knew I had to start straight away. GT’s energy is life changing.

How do you feel HPC assisted you in your business endeavours?

HPC helped me make the right decision on what path I needed to follow. They helped me with the structure of my business by answering all my questions. HPC will always help and assist with anything I need, that’s the best thing about our HPC family #HPCFAMILY

Any advice out there for people thinking about doing a Course?

GO AND DO IT. I walked in wanting to know more about my own training. Never knew it was going to be my career. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. 10 years of Price Fitness and I’m LOVING IT.

Any other comments about your HPC experience?

For me it was the help from GT, Ed all the staff. They are ready, educated and willing to help. I’m a questions person, so I need to know everything about how to benefit my business. GT helped by taking time out to focus on my business and push me in the right direction. He still to this day is the first person I message for help.

More about Price

Our Price Fitness facility has a group fitness section, Personal Training area, in house massage, and 24hour access. We specialise in 6 week challenges, personal training and group fitness.

Our group fitness area – 8 boxing bags, TRX mounts, CrossFit cage. 30meters of green sled tracks, rowers, airbikes, Ski-Ergs and more.

Our personal training area – Over 20 strength machines, dumbbells from 1kg to 60kg. Kettle-bells, dead-balls, battle ropes, flat/Incline benches, barbells, bumpers plates. We have everything you need.

Outdoor fitness area –chin up rig that can fit 6 people at a time, tyres, TRX setups and 90 meters of running track.

Price Fitness 6 week challenges – Our 6 week challenges are focused on our client’s results. We work on Mindset, Nutrition & Training. The 3 area’s to get clients results.

Personal Training – It’s all about our clients. Our Price Fitness trainers care about their client’s needs from mindset, nutrition & training to get the best results for them.

Starting as a Trainer a Price Fitness

All our Price Fitness trainers are from HPC. We want the best!
If you’re new to our industry or already have a clientele base and like what Price Fitness is all about please contact myself directly on;
Or ph.: 0415 317 187
Maty Price

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