Louise Alroy

In September 2015 I stepped on the scales to face reality.  Weighing 132kgs I was morbidly obese, depressed, exhausted and struggling through every day.  I felt daunted by the task ahead but also determined to turn my life around.  I began exercising at the gym, hiding away on a treadmill doing cardio.

After a few months, I was terrified of falling off the wagon like so many times before. Working up the courage, I found the help of a Personal Trainer called Shaun who changed my life completely.  (He studied at HPC too!) He taught me about nutrition/flexible dieting and introduced me to weight training.  He kept me on track, encouraged/supported me and gave me the skills I needed to lose 60kgs+ in 18 months.

If it wasn’t for Shaun and his guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He saved my life. The immense influence he had in changing my life inspired me to study to be a PT so I could help save lives too.

Last year, I studied at the Human Performance Centre and qualified as a Personal Trainer.  I acquired a job immediately at Anytime Fitness in Ormeau and Helensvale and have been running group classes and personal training sessions since.

I also recently competed in the ICN Transformation Bodybuilding Competition which lead to magazine articles in That’s Life and The Daily Mail and interviews on The Morning Show and Channel 7.

My mission and purpose in life is to now inspire others to chase their own fitness goals.  A few short years ago I struggled to have the willpower to get out of bed and didn’t see purpose in my life.  Now, I am full of confidence, love life and am passionate about influencing others to achieve their own fitness goals.

I am so thankful that I studied at HPC.  I loved that the course was so hands on and that we were involved in the gym almost every day.  The staff are absolutely wonderful – they are supportive, encouraging and made each day enjoyable.  I was concerned about studying while still working full time as a teacher however HPC made this work load manageable.  I genuinely enjoyed every single day as the teachers were engaging and extremely knowledgeable.

I finished my course confident to go into the fitness industry.  I wake up every single day excited to go to work and thankful I chose to change my life.  I absolutely love working in the fitness industry – it is so much more than just a job to me.  I am determined to change lives, just like Shaun changed mine!

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