Laura Lewis:
Club Manager- Jetts Mermaid Beach
Bryce Kennedy:
InBody Body Scanning, and KBT (Kennedy Body Transformations)

Laura came from a background of loving athletics and being active and decided to leave her teaching degree at university to pursue a career in the fitness industry.
Since beginning bikini competing/bodybuilding and finding a new love for the lifestyle, Laura wanted to teach others how to live flexibly while still attaining their goals.

Bryce had always been involved in sports of all kinds, and is very driven when it comes to teaching others new skills. His passion and achievements within sports so far made the transition from being an electrician in Northern NSW, to a successful online coach and trainer on the Gold Coast incredibly natural.
As he and Laura made the move to the Gold Coast to buy their first home, it was obvious they had both found their passion in the fitness industry.

HPC was somewhere they had both heard about, and the moment they walked through the door, they were sold.
The facilities at HPC are one of a kind.

Since becoming certified Laura has worked in a supplement store and also between a few gyms.

“I built an amazing PT base, and I encourage anyone who has doubts on whether they can become successful in the industry, to continue working hard and it will be very worth it”
Laura is now about to take on the role as Club Manager at Jetts Mermaid Beach. Having worked extremely hard to build her business in the past with with 1 on 1 clients, group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and online marketing… she feels this is the perfect next step for her to continue growing.

Bryce works for InBody Body Composition Analysers, and loves meeting new people each day and seeing different gyms and styles of business managing. His online business, Kennedy Body Transformations (KBT) has taken off, and #trainwithlaurajayne and he will continue building this.
“Most of our clients now are targeted towards bodybuilding and bikini competing. We both won our Pro Cards in 2017, and have some massive plans ahead for the next 12 months and onwards, both personally and career wise”.