Kelsie Heemskerk

I am a mother to three beautiful boys, a wife to a loving husband and the author of my very first self-published cookbook, “Food for the ones I love”.

I completed my HPC course back in 2011 (pre-babies) and it was there that my love for health and fitness truly blossomed. On completing my course, I then began a career as a personal trainer and started changing people’s lives. Becoming a trainer was so much more than training clients, it was a chance to help those in need, the ones struggling with food or the mothers that never had enough time for themselves. It was about constantly learning that everyone’s journey is different and goals went much further than weight loss. I became so invested into each and every client and with that came a lot of personal growth too. I saw the end of my personal training career in 2013 once I married and soon after fell pregnant with our first son.

Becoming a mother was life changing. It was everything I had always wanted, yet so much harder than what I had ever anticipated it could be. I really struggled, from the time he was born till his first birthday- those first 12 months of motherhood were hard. I packed on the weight, I ate poorly because I was now one of those mothers who had no time and I was so sleep deprived, I would have given my left leg for a full night’s sleep. I felt broken for a very long time….. until I got back into the gym. I started training again, which meant my eating improved and I had energy again. My body started to tone, my confidence slowly returned and I was a much happier version of me.

When we fell pregnant with our second son, I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to where I had been. I had come too far. So, I trained every week right up until 35 weeks pregnant, I ate well and I made myself a priority. After welcoming our second baby boy into this world it was then I suddenly became more organised. I thrived off meal planning and my love for cooking soon turned into this creative flare. I loved trying new recipes for the family, the simple kind that didn’t require you to spend a fortune on the ingredients yet were still super delicious. The kind of food that puts smiles on faces and warms the soul- just that hearty, wholesome type food, the kind that I feel has been forgotten.

This is when my third baby (the cook book) was born. Late last year I had this crazy idea to write a cook book. I wanted to create a book that would help every mother that lacked confidence in the kitchen and give them a resource that they could forever go to. “Food for the ones I love” is so much more than a cook book. It’s a book that I’ve poured my heart into, it reflects on my motherhood journey, it has a chapter on how to stay focused and organised around meal planning and includes 60 recipes from breakfast right through to sweet treats with everything else in between.

Motherhood doesn’t have to define who you are. It has helped shape me but it certainly isn’t all that I am. My passion for helping others is in my genes. Watching on as mothers feed their families with my recipes gives me a feeling I can’t quite describe. But it’s a very similar feeling to the one that I use to get when training clients. You become emotionally invested and you want to make that difference, the kind that is life changing.

Writing a self-published cook book whilst being a stay at home mother of two has had its challenges and not every day has been a walk in the park. But I truly believe, when you step outside of your comfort zone, take all the risks, and believe in yourself- magic happens. And at the end of the day, we all need a little magic in our lives.

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