This Strength and Conditioning workout involves a wide range of movements that will assist in developing strength, stability, power and overall performance. I will be using a wide range of gym-based machines and equipment that can be found in most commercial facilities.

During this workout, choose a weight where you can perform 6-8 reps while prioritising form/technique, as you fail, drop the weight immediately and complete the remainder reps with a lighter weight. Ensure with each repetition that you squeeze your “target” muscle to not only ensure you are activating the appropriate area but to improve your MMC (Mind – Muscle Connection).

Before beginning your workout, ensure that you appropriately warm up your body to avoid any injuries, this can be done through the combined use of dynamic stretching and performing the movements with a light weight.


Kneeling Cable Face Pulls & Cable Straight Arm Pull Downs

Super set. 12 reps x 3 sets

Kneeling Cable Face Pulls

Target muscles are traps, rear delts, rotator cuffs and the smaller muscles of the mid-back.

Cable Straight Arm Pull Downs

Target muscles are lats, posterior delts, teres minor, triceps and lower pec major

DB Strict Shoulder Press & KB Upright Row

Super set. 12 reps x 3 sets

DB Strict Shoulder Press

Target muscles are biceps, delts, pec major, lat dorsi, and triceps

KB Upright Row

Target muscles are traps, erector spinae, delts and levator scaps

Torsonator Bent Over Row / Torsonator Single Arm Press / Lat Pull Down

Tri-set. 10 reps x 4 rounds / Tempo 1:2

Torsonator Bent Over Row

Target muscles are posterior delts, teres minor/major, infraspinatus and middle/lower traps

Lat Pull Down

Target muscles are biceps, posterior delts, lat dorsi, infraspinatus, teres minor/major and middle/lower traps

Torsonator Single Arm Press

Target muscles are biceps, delts, pec major, lat dorsi, and triceps