Karyn Windle

After a corporate career working in the airline industry and professional services for many years I became a stay at home mum to two gorgeous children. Seven years after becoming a mother and focusing entirely on them and my family it came time for them to go to school and left me wondering what was next for me and my career.

Not sure of what direction to go in, I knew I needed something that was flexible so I could still be available to my family when they needed me. I didn’t want to miss out on Book Week Parades and School Carnivals, and I also didn’t want to be too tired at the end of each day to help with homework and just simply be there for them as they wound down from their day. My previous career didn’t offer me that so while I worked out what I wanted to do I rediscovered a love for health and fitness.

I joined F45 after a recommendation from a family member and I enjoyed it so much that it transformed my whole life. From the food we ate, to the energy I felt daily and my physical state, everything was reinvigorated and I realised that through a need to look after me I had actually found exactly what I was looking for.

The next step was to get qualified so I could work in the industry I had fallen in love with. I found HPC fitted my initial needs, the flexibility to work around my number one job, being a Mum. I could study at times that suited me, and the class timetable I could easily juggle with my husband and family so the kids had everything they needed.  Unlike a TAFE and other vocational course that locked me in to set hours, I could choose times that suited me, and their reputation within the industry was second to none.

Everything in the course inspired me and I started inspiring others with my newfound knowledge. Before long my family could see how happy I was and they were proud of ‘Mum studying’ and achieving her dreams. All the components of the course, from nutrition, to kids training, to female specific modules set me up for success in the outside world. I couldn’t wait to share everything I had learned, and I always looked forward to classes and my study.

Maybe it was that enthusiasm that led me to easily finding immediate employment as a senior trainer at F45 Bundall.

From there I picked up some PT clients and that clientele is growing. I am loving the balance this industry gives me to work part time and still be able to prioritise my children’s needs. I adore being able to help our F45 clients and my PT clients reach their health and fitness goals – it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my new-found career.

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