Jeanine Piva

Thank you for offering to share your story with the rest of our HPC family.

Firstly can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Jeanine, 42 years young and a mother of two with two step children. I simply love being around people, the beach, the outdoors, and most of you know me as well, a bit of fitness freak, dappling with nutrition plans and Women’s Figure competitions on stage. Competing 3 times in 6 months last year, the icing was being invited to join the Australian Team (Natural Bodz, Asia Pacific International). This gave me the fitness bug that I needed and last November in Vegas saw me on the world stage where I placed 6th in Women’s Physique, in front of Television cameras and the media… I loved it!! It was then I decided to take leave of Primary School Teaching after 14 years and follow my true passion in life. I have since completed my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, Sport Supplementation and Advanced Nutrition 2. And look forward to returning to HPC when the Diploma of Nutrition is offered.

What made you decide to complete your Cert III & IV in Fitness with HPC bearing in mind that you live in Brisbane?

For some time I had been looking at colleges and courses to compliment the level I wanted to achieve in Certification. Asking other Personal Trainers that I knew who “stood out” from the rest as far as their technique, professionalism, customer service, it was ironic that they all came from… HPC! Attending an information evening sold me and the rest is history. HPC was exactly what I was looking for; the staff were professional, inspiring at every level and simply on the ball. This place had team spirit, I felt alive and motivated! A lot of places in Brisbane offer all the bells and whistles, but they don’t have a family feel about them, an environment where everyone is truly valued and acknowledged. The instructors; Ed and Damien simply rock – they are knowledgeable, factual and at times tell some really corny jokes but make the day enjoyable. At HPC, everyone is fitness minded and I made some terrific friends for life. HPC is a place where you can always feel accepted, no matter how stupid your question may seem! So the fact that I had a fair drive was next to nil when I knew I was going to the best facility to be my best.

What were you looking for from the course and how did we exceed those expectations?

I really like how the course caters for all levels of abilities and knowledge; whether you’re a beginner in the field or more advanced. What was included was a big selling point for me; Female Specific, Kids Trainer, Boxing Instructor, First Aid and CPR, most courses focus purely on Certificate 3 and 4 without the value added. The information given was relevant, factual, up to date, and from industry standard instructors who have worked in the given field. I loved the modern premises; they were always clean, tidy and at HPC you receive two In Body Scans and use of the gym. HPC facilitates learning from the classroom and into an actual gym with state of the art equipment; not just confined to four walls of a classroom this exceeded my expectations. HPC is a real family; once you join you are always welcome back! Feel the Love

What are your 3 favourite things about HPC?

1. HPC is a family. All the staff were simply AMAZING; so incredibly helpful, always smiling and welcoming. The staff set the HPC family standard; such positive energy from all the team.

2. Certificate 3 and 4 also included Female Specific, Kids Trainer, Boxing Instructor, First Aid and CPR, Park Trainer and Beach Trainer. How good was it training on the beach at Burleigh!!!

3. The extra mile – Receiving two In Body scans, HPC shirt, duffle bag full of goodies, HPC USB with all the resources and assignments, receiving all the extra little bits of advice and funny stories given from instructors. Assistance with assignments, being able to email for studies done on topics of interest, and two fantastic instructors; Ed and Damien, you guys are awesome and it shows that you obviously love your job and working at HPC.

What are your plans for the immediate and long-term future?

I look forward to starting work at my local gym “Health works fitness Centre”; Victoria Point, as a Personal Trainer. One day I would like to have my own business. I have also enrolled in an online course in Bodybuilding and Prep Coaching as I want to further progress in that industry getting females stage ready; Bikini, sports/fitness modelling and Women’s figure.

Next year I will compete again in INBA/Asia Pacific/Muscle mania and hopefully re-qualify for world titles in Vegas this time taking out top 3 in Women’s Figure.

But wait for it… Best of all.. in the long term (but not too far away..) I would seriously consider joining forces and opening a HPC centre in Brisbane which would include In Body!! I could also use my 14 years of teaching skills combined with Fitness/Comp experience to be an instructor. We could offer a course on Bodybuilding and Contest Prep. Woo Hoo! I would love to branch out the family… Share the love!!

Thank you so much for your time today Jeanine. Congratulations on your 100% attendance record despite the drive to Brisbane and back every day – we look forward to seeing you back in the Centre very soon for your booked short courses.

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