I used to be a tradie, until I got bored of doing what I was doing and working for someone else. I had friends already in the fitness industry who also went through HPC and spoke very highly of it. So once I decided this is what I wanted to do it was time to go to a information night. I signed up to the course and gave up my Saturday’s and Sunday’s to pursue my goals. 

I absolutely loved coming every week to HPC, besides making some great friends I gained a lot of knowledge with a very hands on approach which has landed me where I am today. Not long after completing my course I started working as a PT and operate out of HIIT Australia, where I run my own PT business as well as run classes of up to 70 people! 

I have been doing this for 2 years now and still continuing to grow, I can honestly say I love my job and being my own boss in charge of my own hours and making a very comfortable income while getting to help others.

Thanks to HPC for giving me the knowledge and experience to get me there, I couldn’t recommend HPC enough.