Janessa McFee

I am who I am in the fitness industry today because of my education at HPC and the boundaries I pushed to get out of my comfort zone to live my wildest passion everyday!

After being exposed to many outdoor activities, sports and adventures throughout my childhood and adolescence I had discovered my passion in life: health and fitness, however after leaving school I had no director or purpose behind what I wanted to ever “become” or “do” career wise. As a teen I had very low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence and found it very difficult to openly speak to strangers.

As life began to change after leaving school, I exposed myself to more and more people and my confidence grew, however a huge pivotal point in my life occurred when I was challenged to face my biggest fear of all – performing on a stage. I was set “homework” by my, then, business mentor, in early 2016 to enter the Southern Hemisphere NABBA/WFF Body Building Championship. My 4 week body building competition prep and getting out of my comfort zone lead me to take out 1st place in the Junior Bikini Division (aged 23) and even 1st Overall Bikini Model – the first trophy I had ever won, and an achievement I received when I had only expected to overcome a deeply rooted fear of “not being enough”! Because this particular competition was among the top Body Builders in the Southern Hemisphere, it qualified me to represent Australia in the World Titles in Brazil in May 2017, however, humbly, I decided to decline this invitation, because leading a career in body building was not my true passion.

Nothing sets my soul on fire more than showing other people (in particular women lacking confidence as I did) what they are truly capable of in their own health and fitness journey’s and to show them that they were truly born for more. By mid 2016 I had started my own fitness business and movement, called “Born for More Fitness”- impacting and empowering women to live and health lifestyle everyday, and in November 2016 I completed my Certificate III & IV in Fitness through HPC after the gym I trained at told me they wanted to hire me as one of their trainers! I had to fight many battles in order to actually sign up and attend my course at HPC, including juggling a full time job, constant self doubt and questioning myself, and almost no support, let alone money in the bank!

I was contracted as a Personal Trainer at my local gym, but after a short three months I was overflowing with PT clients, became bored and too comfortable in my environment, knowing I needed to grow and expand my business elsewhere. An opportunity become available for me to lead as female specific trainer at one of the leading Fitness Facilities on the Gold Coast and I am now their busiest trainer, some weeks training upwards  to 70+ ladies a week, working in multiple locations across Australia, and still only working a four-day work week! I have since held many speaking engagements and confidence workshops, speaking to over 1000 young women in 2017 through the “Born for More Movement”. This has allowed me to not only build up my personal training business, but also allowed me to share my story and reach many girls since, influencing them to live their best lives possible through healthier ways of living.

The decision to make HPC my training provider has influenced my life as a personal trainer and business owner in ways I would have never imagined, and allowed me the opportunity to reach thousands of women all over Australia to realise they were “Born for More”. I am truly so blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn and grow through my HPC experience. The teachers, the girls, and the energy HPC brings sets up their students for only the best possible outcomes – but its only YOU who can be brave enough to take that leap and give it your best shot!


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