You have seen wonder woman kick ass, but have you seen Kelsey Curtis?

If you have recently passed through the doors of HPC you have most likely met Kelsey,
and we like to think that everyone who meets her gets to see how amazing she is. However, on Saturday 31st March we got to see JUST HOW AMAZING she is once again in a whole new light!

Kelsey is a part of the world of competitive kickboxing and she absolutely kills it out there! Who knew that this chick was so tough?! 😊

Nick Atkins, a former HPC Student has lived and breathed fighting for as long as HPC can remember. He has since taken it into his own to create his very own “Wanna be a Kickboxer Challenge”, and this is the second fight our resident administration girl Kelsey has stepped into that ring and kicked butt!

The Wanna Be A Kickboxer Challenge, allows the competitors 10 weeks preparation leading up to the night, while training out of Fight World in Helensvale and demonstrating that every competitor Nick put in that ring brought their “A” game.

Months after taking out her first show in late 2018, Kelsey got a call from her coach 4 weeks out from the challenge event asking her to compete. Kelsey, being the competitive girl she is, said yes and took on the challenge to go head to head in the ring against a brand new opponent. As you could imagine, nothing stood in her way to be able to give the next 4 weeks of training her all.

So, let’s take it back to fight night, it was a busy Saturday night at the Nerang PCYC, and people were packing in to see their friends and family fight. The nerves were high, the crowd was loud and the adrenaline was running through both the competitors, the coaches and the crowd’s veins.

Stepping backstage, you see the fighters preparing themselves for what was in store, and then you see Kelsey, calm, ready to step up and show us what she’s got.

HPC sponsored ring girl Donna, walking the ring that night and eagerly awaiting Kelsey’s fight. Fight 13 – Kelsey steps out, Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy playing as she walks down the stage toward the ring, Nick lowering the ropes for her to step over to fight her opponent Tegan. Kelsey weighed in at 67.2 Kg, Tegan came in at 74. Kg, With an almost 7-kilo difference, it would be interesting to see how this fight was going to go down.
Kelsey had her game face on, ready to go, gloves up. It was time to fight.


Before you knew it 3 rounds done and dusted, our girl took out the final round showcasing amazing technique. The first two rounds went to Tegan, BUT boy did the girls put on a show!

The audience was going crazy, Kelsey’s name being shouted louder than you could imagine, the support she got from the crowd was inspirational, hearing her name being shouted to the rooftop put the fight back into Kelsey all the way into the 3rd round!

Unfortunately, Kelsey didn’t come home with the win, but she did come home with some amazing lessons and support from not only HPC, but her friends, family and the audience! I’m sure this is what kept her going until the very last bell.

We couldn’t be prouder of our girl for showing so much strength, determination, promise and dedication throughout the last 4 weeks of training, and we know that come Kelsey’s next fight she is going to come back stronger and more determined than ever!