HPC – COVID-19 Update

Class to recommence Monday 15th June.


Here at HPC we’re taking it day by day! We have continued to implement a range of measures to ensure the health of our staff and students.

In line with the recent Government regulations, from Monday 30th March we will pause all On-Campus training. Don’t panic – all courses will pick up where they left off when it is safe to do so.

We have come up with a range of different options to keep our current on-campus students motivated and continue learning if they choose to. This is not compulsory, the team at HPC just want to do everything we can to keep you connected and to continue learning.

Access HPC’s Online Learning Portal

All of our On-Campus students can be granted access to the online theory component of the course.

Livestream Virtual Classes

Our Head Lecturer, Edward, will also be live-streaming classes each week. This is a great way to stay connected with your class; these are interactive so you can ask questions and Ed can answer them in real time.

Remote Assessment Help

Our assessment help will continue, if you would like to book in a time, contact us. This can be private assessment help over the phone or on a video call, whatever you’re most comfortable with. This downtime could be a perfect time for you to get started on your assessments!

Can I still contact HPC?

Yes, of course! We’ll still be here. Unless further lockdowns are implemented, a small team will still be working from the centre. We have also put measures in place to allow our team to work remotely from home. The best way to get in touch is to send us an email to info@h-p-c.com.au – as you could imagine, our phones have been a little crazy lately.