Dumbbells aren’t just for those heavy lifters you see on gym commercials; they can be easily implemented to enhance a huge range of exercises! The beauty of dumbbells is in the fact that they allow for full range of motion. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises are rows, tricep extensions, & hammer curls. You can pick up a pair of dumbbells starting at $4.00 each at Kmart.

Suspension Training Cables

Suspension Training is an incredible way of increasing the body’s strength & cardiovascular fitness capacity through using just your bodyweight. There are an endless amount of exercises that you can do with this single method. Chest press, tricep dips, supported jump squats, elevated push-ups, elevated mountain climbers, pikes – it’s all possible with this cleverly designed piece of equipment. You can get a simple suspension trainer for $20.00 at Kmart.

Resistance Bands

When used correctly, resistance bands can up the ante on any exercise significantly due to the simple fact that the muscle is under constant tension. The more you expand the band, the more the tension increases, causing the weight to be greater. It’s ideal to have a few different lengths, thicknesses, & resistance levels in a collection of bands, as different exercises – & individual strength levels – require different levels of resistance. Resistance band kickbacks are awesome for those glutes & hammies; you can also do abductor & adductor exercises if you have a pole handy to loop the resistance band onto; you can even use a resistance band for arm exercises like bicep curls & tricep extensions (again, you’ll need a pole to loop the band onto for the tricep extensions). Rebel Sport have a huge range of resistance band equipment to select from, prices starting as low as $12.00.

Medicine Ball

Throwing a ball is just fun! From wall throws, to doing passes & catches if you have someone you can train with at home, to ball slams + heaps more. Medicine Ball exercises are all about the quick explosive type of movements – so good for building strength! Australia’s online shop – Gym Direct – have quality medicine balls in varied weights available, prices start at $29.50 (they currently have a sale!), so get out there & ‘catch’ that sale to have a ‘ball.’😊

Skipping Rope

Because it’s light, compact, travels well, & you can skip just about anywhere, right? Skipping is a great way of getting some cardio into your workout if you’re not a fan of running, cycling, or swimming; & if you have access to some sort of undercover area, it’s not limited by weather – winning! You can easily purchase a skipping rope for as little as $12.75 from our friends at Lifespan Fitness.

Author: Jessie Anne Coleman – HPC Team & Greg Tottman – HPC Director