Geoff & Brooke Waters

My name is Geoff Waters. My wife Brooke and I are owners and operators of The GRIND PIT- a personal training and group fitness studio on the Northern Gold Coast, in Oxenford.

Our END Goal at THE GRIND PIT is essential to help people. Weight Loss, muscle gain, toned buttocks and massive biceps are all part of the journey, but what we like to get people focused on is there MINDSET and how they can strive to be better human beings. To reach their full potential in all walks of life both inside the walls of the ‘PIT’ and out.

Both now in our early-mid 30s and parents to two awesome little humans, our champion boys Miller 7 and Parker 5, most certainly keeps our lives interesting. Anyone who is parents would understand the time involved in raising children. The highs and lows of parenthood is something that we certainly aren’t new too and honestly still learning each and every day.

Along with being a busy father I also run my own construction company, specialising in the installation of glass and aluminium architectural facades in the commercial sector.

I have been in this industry for 20 years and although has served me well this far in my life it is not something that I enjoy, it’s not something that makes me jump up early every day and say YESSS LETS DO THIS.

Fortunately for myself I found something that has, ‘FITNESS’. The opportunity to help people daily to be better people is something that I am truly passionate about and for good reason, it is something that has personally helped me, even SAVED me as I like to describe.

Two and half years ago, I was a much different person, 25kg heavier and whole lot unhappier. I was battling a dangerous level of Depression and Anxiety and had developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in order to try and compensate with the pressures of running a business, and being too busy to be a good father and husband. It took me a long time but I finally decided that the only person that could do something about was me, and along with the support of my loving wife I ventured to a local boot-camp to take up some exercise in order to relieve stress and hopefully lose some weight.

That first night I almost died, I could hardly breathe and the pain in my legs for the next week was excruciating, but I returned, and it was the start of something BIG. The Personal Trainer, (COACH) of that BOOTCAMP is now one of my best friends. They have helped me through much more than just the ability to run faster, lift heavier and lose weight. They have helped my claim my life back, through FITNESS.

It is for this reason that I ventured towards the HUMAN PERFORMANCE CENTRE, both my wife and I found out about the premises while enjoying a swim on the Gold Coast one weekend, when a helicopter flew overhead flying a banner the size of a Bunnings and we were both instantly curious as what it was all about.

Once we attended the information evening and met the legendary owner Greg Tottman and his amazing staff we were made to feel welcome and after looking around at the awesome equipment and realising the ability to be hands on while learning, we both signed up to begin our studies.

One of the most appealing aspects of Studying at HPC for us was the flexibility, having classes on weekend and nights suited myself as I was still working full-time and the ability that if I wanted to do extra classes I could jump in do weekday classes if my schedule allowed.

The whole experience was outstanding, from the smiles that greet you each day to the level of knowledge and experience the lectures carry, along with the ability to easily call or email outside of class times to ask for assistance or guidance in anyway.

Though the Human Performance Centre we were surrounded with likeminded people, who all had a love for fitness and exercise and who gave support throughout our courses.

We each have made good friends that we continue to socialize with to this day, along with the bonus of being a part of the HPC Family.

HPC has given us a great level of understanding to start our business and give our clients the very best they deserve.

Thanks to the HUMAN PERFORMANCE CENTRE it has now given us the opportunity to help others with our passion for Health and Fitness, lookout on the northern Gold Coast, THE GRIND PIT is open for business.

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