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Build Your Career Around Your Lifestyle

Be Your Own Boss

Set your own hours and have control over your job! You'll have the freedom to build my best life.

Work your own hours

You'll have the flexibility to work your clients around your own commitments, life, friends and family..

Change lives

You'll have the ability to change your clients lives – seeing the impact this has brings great job satisfaction.

Where can HPC take you?

There’s so many different jobs you can do once you’re a qualified Personal Trainer, and we’re here to give you an idea of what you could be doing once you graduate with HPC.

Work as a PT in a Gym

One of the most common paths that people take once they’re out in the industry is to work as a contractor out of a gym. It’s a great way to start as you are given access to members in the gym to start growing your client base.

Become an Online Coach

Online coaching is becoming more and more popular, there are millions of people around the world looking for a trainer that aligns with their values who can guide them in the right direction with their health and fitness goals.

Own a Gym

If you’re dreaming about the perks of owning your own fitness facility, HPC will help you gain the fitness and business skills that are required to be build a successful business.

Join The HPC Fam

Become a Personal Trainer

A SIS30315 Certificate III & SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness is the minimum requirement to become a Personal Trainer in most major chain gyms here in Australia.

Hands on with HPC

At HPC we will teach you the theory and science behind everything that we do, get you up and moving, practicing what you have learnt with your classmates in our fun practical sessions to prepare you to be the best Personal Trainer out there!

Education is Key

Our unrivalled reputation is EVERYTHING – we take instructing extremely seriously and as such, our personal training courses are very comprehensive and unsurpassed in the industry.

Head Trainer

Edward Hayward

Edward has been the Head Trainer / Assessor at Human Performance Centre since 2010. HPC’s Gold Coast Campus has been certifying elite personal trainers since 2006.

After realising he felt a great sense of accomplishment educating clients as a Personal Trainer; he made the shift to Trainer / Assessor and has been blessed to work in such a positive industry.

Edward has successfully facilitated this Nutrition Course at our Gold Coast Campus for many years and is thrilled to now be able to teach even more students his extensive knowledge through our online platform.

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