Do you Wrap?

How hand wraps will improve your boxing.

Are they really needed if I have boxing gloves on? Why do they need to be that tight? Are they for performance, or protection? Get all the answers here.

I remember the first time I got introduced to hand wraps – it was here at HPC. I was doing my cert III & IV in Fitness at the time; & on the day that we had boxing training our trainer, Damien, told us that we couldn’t box without hand wraps. Wouldn’t the wraps make it harder to punch properly? The wraps surely couldn’t provide more protection than the padding of the gloves themselves, right? Wrong.

Damien proceeded to teach us in detail, the art of putting on hand wraps correctly, for optimum protection & performance. The process itself of wrapping was incredible – one wrong wrap, or if I missed a finger, the whole thing would be pointless. The tightness of the wraps was something I found challenging to get right (it took me a good 5 or 6 goes!), but I got there in the end with much shaking or nodding of Damien’s head; & I was amazed by how much more comfortable & supported my punches were.

Why we need boxing wraps

Wraps contribute hugely to the quality of boxing – from how we punch, the positioning of the hands, the protection of the bones & ligaments in the wrist, hand & fingers; to how we can block. The correct tightness really is key, as this is responsible not only for the protection of the hands & fingers, but also for the correct form of our hands during the punch.

At the end of the day, correct form = better exercise benefits & lower overall risk of injury.

And that’s a wrap!


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