Dimity Emery

Hi – let me introduce myself to you. I am a Mother of 5, and 39 years old. I have always been involved in health and fitness since I was little. My background is as a figure skater in my youth, then as a young adult I dabbled in a number of fitness activities – my favourite being aerobics and weight training.

I completed my Cert III and IV, as well as my Master trainer through another Institution back in 2007. But also in this same year, My Dad passed away suddenly and I turned away from ‘all things fitness’.

I then made my way back in fitness, doing a few online courses, as well as competing and placing in the INBA, AWNBS and also WBFF.

However, despite success, I still didn’t feel I had found what I needed to get back into the PT side of things at the top of my ability, nor be successful in my vision.

So when we moved to the south side of Brisbane, and started training at HIIT Australia – something woke the Dream and vision up inside me again. I admired so much the way the trainers there taught, articulated themselves, and put clients through their paces. After a year of training there I did my second 8 week challenge – and was awarded the Ulitmate Motivator. Through this I realised I still could inspire people – and maybe with the right coaching again I could reignite my dream.

Sam & Chontel Duncan from HIIT Australia, are the owners, and train and acquire all their staff through HPC. Chon & Sam were so helpful and couldn’t speak more highly of HPC being a great place for me to redo my fitness and nutrition studies.

I knew I had lost my way in being a tad dormant whilst having my family, and I wanted to empower myself by going back to re-do my qualifications. But this time I wanted to learn from a Education Provider who not only were thorough in their lecturers, and lead from the front with education, but also were amazing in every aspect of the education of the fitness Industry. I also wanted to find an Institution that were above the normal qualifications and surpassed the requirement for CEC points to be adhered to annually. I just wanted to study hard and well, and become the best qualified PT version of myself.

So I shyly attended a HPC Open day, which is where I met the lovely Lesley, Conny & Samantha (some of the amazing Staff), and they were so welcoming, This was such a nice touch and made me feel so much more relaxed about being there.

Then I met ‘GT’ who is the owner of HPC, and he spoke to us all about how he came about creating the Human Performance Centre. What GT had to say that morning, literally blew me away. GT is not only super passionate about what he has created in HPC, but he has a genuine care factor about the quality of graduate that HPC turns out. That the level of health and fitness in every student would be one that sorts out the ‘gonna’s’ from the ‘do-ers’, and emphasised that HPC hadn’t earnt being a ‘first class training provider’ without having cemented their unique and superior structure in training. GT is seriously the person who made me know that I had found my place. That I could trust in the training at HPC, and know that I was going to graduate with everything I needed to equip myself and pursue my dreams to be a leading PT. There was nothing that GT wouldn’t answer and couldn’t answer. GT’s experience and validation of what PTs should be able to do was everything I wanted to be.

So with that I enrolled in December 2016. I was only 3 weeks into my studies – attending every thursday and friday, but then one of my children became unwell. So I then missed a few weeks – as we were in hospital and I couldn’t logistically be in two places at once.

I literally thought I had done my dash and forfeited my studies – but HPC were only too understanding and accomodating. They not only understood but they allowed me to start again in the January 2017. I was so happy I literally cried. As being a ‘Mature Age Student’ – and also being a mother, I knew that there would be times that would prove to be a challenge. But honestly, I could not have felt more at ease, and not stressed about my studies – as the team at HPC were just amazing! The lecturers were always helped me understand what makeup class was available – and I loved how you would get weekly emails to show what course you week would cover (and if any changes were being made). This weekly email also made it easy to facilitate when there was a class on that you needed to make up, or compete on a different date due to other commitments.

My January course meant my HPC days were the ‘Tuesday & Wednesday’ enrolment group. This became my graduate group. I loved the broad range of students in the room – everything from the young to the old, the weightlifter to the yoga enthusiast. There was never a dull day, only days filled with ALOT of learning, and ALOT of skills acquired.

I also had my challenges – as 2 of my children have needs – so sometimes I would need to forfiet going to class. But HPC allows you to catchup though jumping in on the same class at another time. I loved this concept so much and it made completing the in class room lessons that much easier.

Then when it came to completing my assignments – being that you have 12 months to complete them after finishing your course, I struggled for time to dedicate to these initially. As my days consists of late nights and early mornings – due to my youngest with needs. I would try to dedicate time – but therapies, and other necessities of being a Mum always would counteract it.

However, I soon realised that I needed to reset my train of thought. I wanted this so bad – and I just needed to get it done. I had always been an over achiever in school and I guess the mental pressure of knowing I hadn’t been my ‘ol’school’ self and handed the assignments in on the day we did our final assessments – had got to me. So I went and spoke to GT and the staff – and let them know my personal situation with having 5 children but 2 with needs. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t told him earlier, yet alone really hadn’t faulted in my studies. I also explained that I would love to just book myself in the assignment help day a couple of times – not necessarily for the help, but just to be in a place where I could get it done. Essentailly have some ‘me time’.

GT was so incredible and just assured me that what ever I needed to help with time and a place to study – that HPC was there. I then spoke with Edward and Luke, and booked in for some study days. This was perfect and enough for me to get started.

I then completed all my assignments and handed them in with time to spare.

It was then, upon completion, that I had realised just how much more completing my HPC qualification meant to me. It meant more now than it did when I had graduated in 2007. As I had not only learnt in a more amazing facility, with world class education and training, but I also did it juggling life as a Mum and Wife, and running a business. The HPC Qualification left me feeling like a leader as a PT in the industry. Although I still had to wait to see if I passed with all my assignments – I already knew that my time and money was well invested with HPC.

After 2 weeks, HPC advised me I had passed and I couldn’t have been more relieved and excited and so proud of ME!

I honestly can not recommend HPC more highly to anyone. The ethos which HPC stand and deliver on, is one a true passionate person who is seeking the most superior education in Health & Fitness should enrol with. The work is hard, but the knowledge and understanding is priceless.

I have said it to so many people now – if you are going to invest in yourself you would be wise only to invest smart and securely. HPC is definitely the most smart and secure investment that I have ever.

Since graduating I have been busy trying to re-launch my business – Mumfitness. I want to aspire to other mums and mums to be out there in the community, to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. Ive learnt as a Mother, that comparison is something we try and educate our children to not do, but I feel as mothers we are ‘compare’ ourselves so much and so unfairly. Thus crushing our inner dreams, and self esteem. In launching Mumfitness I want to empower women through training and nutrition and allow them to find their movement & nourish addiction that leads them to be and feel amazing.

I am still in the process of launching my website (www.mumfitness.com.au) but you can contact me any time through social Media – Instagram: Mumfitness and Facebook: Mumfitness .I have a home studio on the inner southside of Brisbane and also am able to train on the Northside through a studio there. Amongst my qualifications – I also have my bluecard, and encourage those with children to bring them along – so training time can still be achieved.

My future goal is to have one central place to be training from, offer online training and coaching and nutrition, as well as do trips to other cities and give short movement and inspiration classes.

The website will have links to all the above, plus allow you to book in with PTs and group sessions. You will also be able to look at in home training guides, recipes, and read blogs of mine in being a busy mum and how I make it all work.

Thank you so much HPC for being all that you are and all that you have done – you seriously are one in endless sea of fish that is truly worth more than any other.

Endless gratitude and I hope I make you all proud one day soon,

Dimity Emery

M: 0438382816
IG: Mumfitness
FB: Mumfitness
Po Box 2126, ASCOT QLD 4007

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