HIIT Station is a Strength & Conditioning Center that specializes in Muay Thai (Kickboxing) Fitness.

What was the reason that you decided to get certified? .

We both were very interested in fitness & health for ourselves & with that became passionate about helping others jump onto our bandwagon so from there we decided we should consider making this our career.

Why did you choose HPC to complete your qualifications?

HPC was recommended by a couple of friends & after going down to see what it was all about I was sold.

How do you feel HPC assisted you in your business endeavours?

By making sure we were well prepared and continuous support after.

Any advice out there for people thinking about doing a Course?

Defiantly worth every cent you couldn’t find more passionate people than the team at HPC and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of the HPC team.

Any other comments about your HPC experience?

We found that we learnt allot more knowledge through HPC than other personal trainers going through other institutes.

More about HIIT

The center has a PT studio which contains machine weights, cardio equipment, free weights and a small Muay Thai matted area for Personal Training. Downstairs there is a large matted gym for Muay Thai classes of numbers 30-60 heads (at one time), 3x Indoor grass tracks for Sleds, 6 Power Rack Stations, 6x Functional Trainers, Free Weights (1kg-50kg Hex Dumbbells) Kettle-bells, Dead-balls, Torsonators, Battle Ropes, Tyres, Suspension Sprinter, 60x TRX Cables, Box Jumps, Flat/Incline Benches, Bar Bells, Curl Bars, Plate Weight/Bumper Weight, Muay Thai Pads, Kick Shields, Kickboxing Bags, etc. We hold 8 Week Challenges every 9 weeks of 50 heads, which books out at least a month in advance, at current we have completed 6 challenges.

The business began in August 2012 and since then has continued to grow with a current Class Membership tally of just over 100 members, 50 Challengers, roughly 150 PT sessions between Sam and Chontel and 60 on average casual (Class) clients per week. We hold 20x 1hr classes and 2x 30min Beginner classes each week and on average have 40-60 heads at each class. The company also sells supplements, Customs Meal Plans, Muay Thai Gear, HIIT Merchandise and sports apparel. We have a casual trainer who assists running classes on a Saturday and a PA who helps with all the behind the scene stuff.