My name is Brittany Miller and I’m a Personal Trainer at HIIT AUSTRALIA on the Sunshine Coast after completing my certificates at Human Performance Centre

My time at HPC was fantastic, I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of the fitness Industry.

I also got more experience in my own self-improvement, motivation, and desire to live a healthy active lifestyle.


HPC staff did an amazing job supporting me and my fellow class mates in the course, to provide flexibility around other commitments and keep us motivated until the very end.

I have made friendships that will never be forgotten and enjoyed every single moment I spent at HPC with all the laughs with such amazing staff and friends.

I was offered employment as a class trainer a few weeks after finishing the course at HPC, and till this day still loving every single one.

One of the best feeling is seeing clients push themselves with your guidance and being so grateful for your help and encouragement.

The things that you learn during the course will give you not only the knowledge and experience that you need to get started in the fitness industry, but also for your own self-improvement, motivation, and desire to keep an active lifestyle.

Being at HPC was like being a part of a family and I can easily say that I have made friendships that will last for years to come. I enjoyed every single day of the HPC course and will never forget my time with such amazing staff, facilities, and friends. I would recommend HPC to anyone.

Instagram: @britt_hiitaustralia