Where do I even begin?

I fell in love with health and fitness after stumbling into getting myself a Personal Trainer in my early adult years. My shy, guarded, timid personality was unleashed from this dark cage I was trapped inside. Learning my body’s limits, and learning how to push through those mental barriers, becoming so fierce, and passionate, and dedicated to taking matters into my own hands just unleashed this fire in me I could not tame.

This trainer was not just my coach, but my friend, my mentor, my encouragement and support to pursue the studies and career of personal training for myself, and he was also a miracle worker. He not just changed my life, but becoming healthy gave me the freedom to actually start living. This mentor of mine was a HPC Graduate, and he also became my boss after buying his own gym and taking me on board after my own graduation from HPC.

The art of training, exercise, self love, inner value, and, in turn, becoming a personal trainer and being able to gift this to my team, has literally changed – and saved – my life. I truly believe that every single person has the potential to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I understand that every athlete has individualised needs, goals, passions, motivators, hindrances, speed bumps, and roadblocks, along their journey. Unfortunately, motivation isn’t the be-all-end-all. Where motivation lacks, you learn to trust in the process of achieving your goals, and you learn accountability to your progress.

Growing healthy habits, getting into routines, seeing and believing in your results, and feeling better, are the four foundational pillars I believe are just the beginning of the incredible transformation that is achieving your health goals.

Getting my athletes into a healthy and balanced state of mind is the most important thing to me. The gift of being able to get my team to take back control of their lives is the most beautiful and rewarding part of this absolute blessing I have of a “job”. It’s true, you really never work a day in your life if you love what you do.

HPC is fundamentally one of the absolute necessities you need to become a successful trainer. Ultimately, nothing shapes you into the kind of trainer you are like your own story, goals, expectations, vision, drive, and the experience you take from that. But without the foundation of knowledge that HPC not just provides, but instills in you, it really sets you up for success. Your opportunity for growth, support, knowledge, and experience is never ending at the Human Performance Centre.

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