Bridget Hicks

I graduated from HPC in 2010 which is so long ago now but despite all of those years, I have remained close with the HPC team because they are all just the friendliest, inviting and passionate people you could ask for. The support from team HPC post graduation has been nothing short of amazing!

I decided to become a personal trainer because I have a passion for both health and fitness and helping people. After doing some research into institutes, HPC was a no brainer.

8 years on from graduating I am still personal training and loving it. I run my own business based out of EMF Fitness Centre Pacific Fair. I generally train females only because that’s what I love and I have a great, reliable client base. I have new clients approaching me constantly due to referrals, word of mouth and the visible results my clients get – my walking, talking business cards! This is all due to the knowledge and confidence that HPC gave me. I found that I gained a lot more knowledge going through HPC than trainers that went through other institutes.

Years of experience helps mould you in to a successful trainer but HPC is what preps you for that. I am very thankful for everything HPC taught me and where it has got me to today.

I really need to believe in something to recommend it to others, maybe that’s what makes me a good PT! You will never see me recommending training techniques, supplements, nutrition plan etc. unless I KNOW it works and is right for that particular person. Same goes for PT courses. I highly recommend HPC courses to everyone because I KNOW it works and is worth every penny!

Bridget Hicks
Bridget Hicks Fitness

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