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Welcome to our Blog! Here you will find a broad range of material covering all things fitness, health, business, & more. All of our blog pieces are written right here in-house by our amazing team with a desire to inspire, motivate, & educate our readers.

Our Course Co-Ordinator Completed Her First Triathlon

Hey there HPC FitFam! For me, 2019 is all about 2 major things; doing activities that scare me the most and achieving the things that have always been on my bucket list. I know, it sounds totally crazy but bear with me, I promise it makes sense. To put it...

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We got to meet Calum Von Moger

We are used to seeing people coming through our doors day-in day-out on their quest to change people’s lives. Facilitating fitness courses means that we get to help people achieve their goals - and give them the tools to help others hit their health &...

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HPC’s very own Wonder Woman!

You have seen wonder woman kick ass, but have you seen Kelsey Curtis?If you have recently passed through the doors of HPC you have most likely met Kelsey,and we like to think that everyone who meets her gets to see how amazing she is. However, on Saturday...

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Zac Smith dropped by!

If you are into fitness and you have Instagram, you most likely know who Zac Smith  is or have seen him within multiple fitness videos, photos or expos that may have popped up onto your Instagram feed.Fitness sensation Zac Smith joined us here at Human...

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Why we use InBody to assess our students.

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside of your body? What are your body fat levels, your muscle?When you train you are training towards a goal, whether that be to lose body fat, gain lean muscle or maintain your health and fitness levels.As you...

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The Perks of becoming a Personal Trainer through HPC

So, you want to be a Personal Trainer?You want to find a way to not only show the world what you’ve got as a trainer, but also what you could do to help them change their lives forever. Maybe you’re just wanting to work on your own skills in training and...

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Are you UNHAPPY AT WORK? Stuck in a job you HATE?

New Year, New YOU! Are you UNHAPPY AT WORK? Stuck in a job you HATE? Do you find that you are watching the clock until the end of your shift? Thinking about how you can’t wait to get home and do something you ACTUALLY LOVE. You might find that a career...

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What’s Happening For The Holidays?

Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours! It’s coming up to the silly season where we all get to celebrate with our family and our friends and enjoy some well-deserved time together. Not only do our students get a break, but so do our hard-working staff!...

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Does entering a gym environment intimidate you?

Does entering a gym environment intimidate you? Society has now become accustomed to the health and fitness industry. We constantly see workouts posted all over social media ranging from Power lifting, Weight training, Circuits, Boxing, Functional...

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Kate’s Raw Snickers Cake

INGREDIENTS Crust 2 x tbsp Raw Cacao 12 x Pitted Dates 1 x Cup Almonds 1 x Cup Dried Coconut 1 x Tsp Vanilla extract 1 x Pinch Salt Caramel Layer 10 x Pitted Dates (pre-soak in boiling water) 1 x Tsp Coconut Oil 2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 3 x Tbsp Natural...

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Amazing weekend activities that will help you get healthy

Summer is just around the corner! The days have already started to warm up, so we’re going to need to start getting active and healthy. Gym life isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still exercise. We’ve compiled a list of fun activities...

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