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New Blended Delivery Method Coming from HPC

Gold Coast, QLD – Human Performance Centre (HPC) will be turning the Fitness Education world on its head with the launch of their new Blended Study method. Blended Study allows students to do the theory component of the course in their own time, while...

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Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

On weekends, we all tend to enjoy indulging a little more than usual. Although, if you're working on that summer body in winter maybe it’s best to avoid those refined, dairy filled nasties.. don’t worry you can still eat pancakes though. This is a super...

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Our top 3 tips to breaking laziness in the gym

Do you bust out of bed at 4am for your morning run or weights session before getting the kids ready, school drop off & 8 hours of work? Yeah, me either..In that case your most likely a ‘ I’ll train after work’ person, then 8 gruelling hours pass &...

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Back yourself

So you’re thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone, studying a new topic, taking a new career pathway or doing something downright crazy (that’s what someone said anyway). Maybe you want to move countries, travel the world or heck, even become a...

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Kelsey’s Tips For Training In Japan

Heading to Japan for a holiday? Planning to work-out while you’re over there? I’ve got a couple of tips for you!While on a recent holiday to Japan, my boyfriend and I had been eating, shopping and adventuring our way through Tokyo, having an amazing time!...

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Kate’s Avo Mousse

I have a big passion around creating healthy, raw and of course super delicious desserts for my friends and family. So this Easter I had requests to make a Chocolate Mousse (a house hold favorite in my family) however little did they know, it was going to...

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Reasons To Follow Your Passion

Are you sitting at your desk, scrolling through the internet, looking at things that set your soul on fire? Are you daydreaming about what you COULD be doing to add excitement into your life, while you wonder WHAT IF? What if you took that chance to follow...

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5 Ways To Generate Income as a PT

5 Ways To Generate Income as a PTEnvision this… holidaying on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Bora Bora kicking back drinking pina coladas or protein shakes if that’s your ‘flava’ – I know my preference. Regardless, that’s the dream though right?...

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Getting back into it after the Easter Splurge

Aaah, Easter.4 days off to relax, spend time with family and, of course, have the perfect excuse to binge on chocolate.The long weekend has been and gone, it’s been days since you stepped foot in the gym and you’ve eaten so much food that you could...

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