Blake Stegemann

All throughout my childhood, I struggled with confidence and  I would always fall behind as a result of it. Losing my father at the age of 7 to cancer wasn’t easy either. At such a young age I was confused and didn’t really know how to take it. I was also overweight as a child which led to constant bullying and harassment from other school kids, until I reached adolescence and thought to myself enough is enough. I found my true calling in fitness, it shun like a beacon of hope and for once in my life I felt as though I was brought to this planet for a reason. Coming from a family with fairly active parents it sort of came naturally to me, I followed my mother and fathers foot steps and began long distance running at the age of 14.


Resilience is a quality in myself which I have always been proud of, even through the toughest times the thought of giving up never even came to the forefront. I managed to get to state national qualifying titles for the 800 meter long distance track running before getting burnt out, I was so determined to win that I didn’t maintain my body in the correct way and simply ran out of steam. I decided to give running a break and by the time I reached the age of 17 (thanks to my step-dad), my direction turned towards weight lifting. Whilst I got fitter from running, the taunts and judgmental views of other people was still getting to me, I wanted to beef up because I thought maybe then people would take me more seriously.

Lifting weights was a great release for me and whenever I felt low or annoyed it would be my outlet. From the age of 15 all the way through till I was 26 I worked countless jobs busting my back for different bosses only to feel as though I was under-valued and over worked. I was working 10 hour days construction laboring for employers who would pay me next to nothing and expect me to move mountains. Throughout all of this though the will to train never got put on the backburner, no matter what time of the day I got home from work or how tired I was. The mistreatment from others was what motivated me to push through every workout.

From training my-self for nearly 10 years, at the age of 26 I wanted something more but I was unsure what. That is when my mum and step dad suggested becoming a personal trainer, at first I disregarded it and thought to myself I’d be no good and why bother. Until I realised maybe it’s the push out of my comfort zone which I was in desperate need of. With the fitness industry being so competitive and with so many different academies to choose from, I was stumped as to who I should go with. That was when we came across The Human Performance Centre. Looking through the website we were so impressed with the diversity and the layout of the facility that we booked the very next info night.

The rest is history, if I was to describe my time at HPC in 3 ways they would be: Life changing, Character building and last but not least : A heck of a good time!.

I graduated from HPC over a year ago and since then I have been working out of Jetts Mermaid Beach as the lead PT. Thanks to The Human Performance Centre for giving me that extra boost of confidence which I so desperately sought after and for being the stepping stone in which pathed the way to turning my dream into a reality. I highly recommend HPC to anyone looking at becoming a personal trainer or  just wanting to further their knowledge to incorporate into their own training, look no further!

For any enquiries regarding personal training, contact Blake Stegemann on:
Mobile: 042 715 715 7
Instagram: stegemann_fitness_g.c
Facebook: @stegemannfitness

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