So you’re thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone, studying a new topic, taking a new career pathway or doing something downright crazy (that’s what someone said anyway). Maybe you want to move countries, travel the world or heck, even become a personal trainer.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself what’s really holding you back . More times than not, those surrounding you are telling you it’s too hard, the markets saturated & they enforce doubt onto you. Holding you back from really fulfilling your dreams. But why does this happen? Remember when you were 5 & someone would ask you what you wanted to be, the answer was so much easier back then usually the response went a little like this “I want to be a singer, actor, athlete, astronaut, vet…”

No one would ever doubt you! But as we grow older we are shaped and forced into society ‘norms’. We are told to get a ‘real’ job that simply trade your time for money & that little fire that used to burn so bright inside of you started to smoulder.

Those who enforce negativity onto you are afraid, maybe because they once took a chance that didn’t work for them or even worse they didn’t take it at all. Remember people want you to do good, but never better than them.

In the end, we only regret the opportunities we didn’t take, the gut feelings we didn’t listen to and the opportunities we let go.

It’s time to back yourself! Tell yourself it’s possible & take that leap of faith! At the end of the day if you walk away a better person with more knowledge to assist and enhance not only your life but the ones around you, you have nothing to lose at all!