Ash Harawira-Naera

Kia ora everyone,

My name is Ash Harawira-Naera and I am a recent graduate of HPC completing my Cert 3 and 4 in November 2020.

My Health and Fitness Journey started way back in 2010 in New Zealand where I left school and went straight into a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). I completed the 3 year course but unfortunately failed to get my qualifications, for many reasons but I won’t get into details.

I decided to live life and fell into the warehousing industry through a mate. Working a 9-5 job in the industry was my new norm and my way of earning money for me to enjoy life as a young adult doing what you do growing up. This has basically been my life since 2012 and I knew I didn’t want my life to play out this way and knew I could do more with my life.

So fast forward to 2020 when the whole world was hit with the pandemic of COVID-19. This is a year that many people would want to forget, but for me personally, it was a year of growth and personal development for me as a person, partner, son, grandson, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, and friend. The year 2020 was my breakthrough year, I decided to put a hold on the sport that has been apart of my life since the age of 4 in Rugby League and pursue a better life away from the footy field for mine and my families future. I always knew I wanted to be in the health and fitness industry to help people be better for themselves and their families through health and fitness, and through a cousin of mine I was directed to HPC and the rest is history.

Going to HPC is by far the best decision I have made to kick start this chapter in my life. I can’t speak anymore highly of the team at HPC, from Ed to the ladies downstairs thank you all so much for making my experience enjoyable and something I definitely won’t forget. The structure, the layout of the sessions, the material, the facilities, the extras, the practical aspect the list goes on. My tool box is definitely FULL with everything I need going into the industry. The students I had in my class were absolutely awesome and made the ride there that much more enjoyable and I wish them all the very best for their future endeavours. Last but not least, I will definitely be directing anyone that wants to do their cert 3 and 4 in health and fitness to HPC 120%.

Since completing my certificates at HPC I have managed to land a dream job at 5EF a new functional fitness gym opening up across the Gold Coast and Brisbane (In May) as one of the Owner/Operators at their Cannon Hill location 💪🏽 Such a blessing as it’s come up a lot faster than I expected but I know in myself that this is where I am meant to be and nothings stopping me now.


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