Are You Happy?

Far too often we fall into one of two categories:

  1. We think we’re happy because we have the materialistic stuff;
  2. We mistake happiness for simply existing.

Neither of these is a true representation of happiness though, as happiness comes from deep fulfilment & contentment within. It’s not governed by outside influences or circumstances; it’s governed by something far more personal:


How many times have you stayed in a relationship you were deeply unhappy in just for the sake of someone else’s opinions or happiness? Or even less than that – how often have you stayed in a situation simply because there was nothing better around at the time, so you settled?

If we’re not happy with our choices, then we are simply pushing our personal happiness further away, we are simply existing as opposed to truly living! These choices range from relationships, to body image, to our health – physically, mentally, & emotionally; to our job & workplaces, to our financial decisions, to our friendships & the people we choose to surround ourselves with, & so much more.

We all need to take time out to really examine, not only whether or not you’re happy, but what it is that truly, deeply makes you happy & fulfilled. Stuff is fleeting, so true happiness can’t come from acquiring money, cars, houses, or materials – it’s a hell of a lot better & longer lasting than just ‘stuff.’

We have to constantly evaluate the choices we’re making every day – do you want to be healthier? What decisions are you making today that are moving you towards BEING & FEELING that? Do you want to have more peace & less drama? What sort of people are you surrounding yourself with to encourage & empower that in your life more? Do you want to like yourself? What choices are you making about your internal voice – the voice in your head that tells you whether or not you look fab, or that you’re valued & appreciated.

Every day we make choices. No one MAKES us feel anything, we either take responsibility for our choices & power, or we surrender it to outside influences & circumstances.

The choice of your happiness, is yours.


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