An in-depth investigation into the state of our fitness industry

The Truth behind our statistics

Although our punchy headline may have sparked some anxious curiosity, fear not, I come with good news. Over the many years of qualifying students, we get inundated with questions, however, there appears to be a theme among the majority.

“Is there enough demand for more Personal Trainers”

“Is the industry still growing and booming”

The answer to all the above is yes! … But don’t take our word for it, let’s look at the statistics. A recent study from the international market research company IBISWorld shows that Australian based gym growth has developed from 2,362 in 2014 – 3,468 in 2019, and with and annual growth of 4.8% over the past 5 years, we can see why the demand for personal trainers continues to climb. They predict that fitness centre revenues will grow at an annualised 1.8% over the half decade through to 2022/23, to reach $2.4 billion from its 2017/18 value of $2.2 billion. By now you’re probably saying, “okay, okay, we get it, enough with the facts, the industry is booming”. Well I’m about to hit you with some more numbers, however this time I’ll delve into WHY our industry numbers are growing. The Australian Heart Foundation put out a study that looked at the percentage growth of people in Australia living with obesity from 1995 – 2015. Those statistics are displaying a growth from 18.4% – 27.9% and a further growth of 49% from 2015 onwards. Fast forward to 2018/19 Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey showed that two thirds (67.0%) of Australian adults were overweight or obese, that’s around 12.5 million people!

So why is this happening?!

With such a contradiction you’re probably very confused right now and I don’t blame you, something is just not adding up.

With many contributing factors to these obesity statistics, it’s very hard to bring it down to one definitive factor. The plight fast food chains continue to boom with consumers seeking convenience over quality and with mass production set as a priority, food is being consumed in a less natural state.

With all this doom and gloom you’re most likely thinking we are unsavable; wrong, statistics can change and so can we.

Here at the Human Performance Centre, we believe that education is key. We guide our students through every step of their new Health and Fitness careers and arm them with the tools necessary to go out into the Australian market and make positive changes.

However, we can’t do it alone, we need people like you to contribute and create innovative and educated pathways to show the Australian population the way to better health and vitality.

Be the backbone of the Fitness Industry, lead the way to stronger, happier and, most importantly, healthier Australians.

If you would like to find out how YOU can be the positive change that Australia is searching for, click here.


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