Aleia Jayne

A change is just around the corner

Health and fitness has always been something I have been passionate about and something that’s always been a big part of my life. Keeping fit and being healthy is something that I found helped me overcome my depression and anxiety.

Upon starting my journey with HPC I was struggling a little with a lot of personal issues that I had going on. I was currently working in child care at the time and felt I wasn’t for filling my goals and dreams. I though about what I loved and the main thing I could think of was fitness. Being fit, training and working out was what made me feel good! I looked around and and spoke to people about their opinions in studying and HPC kept getting brought up as the best place to study and it most definitely was! The teachers were amazing, the vibe was brilliant and the over all atmosphere and hands on learning was impeccable! Hands down the best place to learn! I started putting all my time and energy into learning, studying and training and before I knew it I was a qualified personal trainer! The first job I had I was working for an amazing man at a well know studio. He was an absolute legend! I loved his gym, his work ethic and every thing about him, his energy was contagious! I was there for a little over 3 months and after help from Boss and my colleagues I just couldn’t build a clientele! This was shattering I was trying really hard and I seemed to just be getting no where. After making a few decisions I decided to leave the gym and head out on my own in my local area. I handed out flyers, used social media to build my profile and before I knew it I was overwhelmed with clients! A year on to today, I have built a home studio I run over 60 PT sessions a week and I’m do my the best I ever have financially in my life.

The job I have now I love! I love inspiring people and changing lives and that’s what I’m doing every day! My life has turned around so much, I’m happier, healthier and running my own business. I’m so thankful for HPC for giving me the tools and knowledge to be where I am today!! When I could have gave up I remembered what I was taught I kept pushing and kept trying and now I’m happier then ever! A change is just around the corner!

Feel free to watch my journey and the fun I have at my home studio on instagram @aleiajayne

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