About us

Founded in 2006 with a unique vision to create a world class Fitness Training Facility in Australia.

Established in Miami on Queensland’s Gold Coast, HPC has now earned its outstanding reputation in the fitness industry for providing first-rate fitness professionals.

HPC has fast become the premier choice for comprehensive, flexible, and fun fitness education. Be educated with the leader of fitness education and set the standards in the fitness industry!

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Why choose HPC?

Runs on the board

HPC Facts:

A staggering 86% of our students are word of mouth referrals.

We have an unparalleled proven track record in certifying elite level personal trainers – their success proves our success.

We turn out renowned trainers who are making a huge impact in the industry – we have examples of this everywhere.

Unlike other training facilities, students wish to get certified through us due to our reputation.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our exclusive facility is just that – exclusive. It was purpose built for students to provide a leading & unique environment to learn in. It’s a fully fitted out commercial level gym with 1200m2 of space. It’s equipped with the latest Hammer Strength, Keiser, Nautilus XP Load, Techno Gym equipment, and InBody Body Composition Analysers. Considering the valuable investment you want to make in your future education, it’s crucial that you are trained in today’s leading facility to provide you with a broad spectrum of equipment, knowledge, and skills. You will not find anything like us in any other Registered Training Organisation who facilitates health & fitness courses in Australia.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

HPC is the home of InBody Body Composition Analysers. As a HPC student, you have access to this revolutionary technology throughout the duration of your course. The content that we teach in our Complete Personal Trainer package will indeed change people’s health and fitness favourably – and this includes you! We utilise the InBody technology to precisely measure your body composition at the beginning, middle and end of your course so you can track the improvement in your own body composition. This justifies the methods you learn are working successfully.

Ongoing support

Need a refresher? HPC students and graduates can re-sit any part of their course for free as part of our ongoing student support. Throughout the duration of our courses, we also offer our students the opportunity to come into our centre and take full advantage of our assessment help days which are available multiple times throughout the week. We want all of our students to not only pass, but thrive in their study with us, as well as in their future; so HPC is there to make this happen every step of the way. You are a part of the HPC family – your success breeds our success so we are always here for you.

Mentoring program

We offer an amazing 3 month mentoring program to our HPC graduates which has proven to be a highly successful platform to launch many careers and businesses. By signing up to the mentoring program, you will have full access to our state-of-the-art facility – the yellow gym, 24-7; in conjunction with receiving ongoing mentoring and monthly meetings to review how your business is progressing. This provides a great environment for you to hit the ground running and get a real feel for the fitness industry with a great support team behind you.

HPC is a nationally recognised training organisation

This is of great importance for our students, as it means we have undergone intensive training to ensure a high standard of training is always maintained. We are legislatively required to sustain this high standard; therefore, it would be imperative you ensure the training being facilitated is under this jurisdiction. We are incredibly proud of our RTO status, and our facilitators are constantly undergoing intensive training in order to deliver an elite program to our students that is not only highly respected, but highly sought after in the health & fitness industry.

Hands-on training

Personal training as an obvious definition is predominantly a hands-on and practical career choice; therefore, it’s essential that you are taught in the exact same environment with various conditions. We offer a wide variety of training approaches – both indoor and outdoor. This allows you the highest practical exposure to various training methods and environments. The type of training we offer provides the students with an array of choices to train themselves and their clients, which in turn produces more options and more successful choices for the PT.

Flexible course options

We know life is busy, and sometimes unforeseeable events arise and our circumstances can change. So to offer something for everyone, we hold courses on every day of the week – from full day courses, to evening and weekend courses. We want all of our students to succeed and this means that as a student, you need to sometimes be able to fit your studies around your other important family, work, and life commitments. If you miss a class, it’s no worries from our end – you can make it up at any time by simply sitting in with another class.

Stand out from the crowd

Certificate III & IV in Fitness Course
SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness
SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
HLTAID003 Provide First Aid/HLTAID001 Perform CPR

Boxing for Fitness
Advanced Nutrition Level 1
Female Specific Training
(These above certificate courses are not nationally recognised.)

Skillset in Fitness Course
Skillset in Fitness
Boxing for Fitness
Advanced Nutrition Level 1
Female Specific Training
Children Specific Training
(These above courses are not nationally recognised.)

Support and progression

Access to lecturers during face to face class time to clarify points or areas of concern. Re-sit ANY class as many times as you like at NO extra cost.  Weekly dedicated assessment help sessions. Courtesy emails to keep you on track with you studies.