So many people dream of being their own boss and having the ability to work their schedule around their lifestyle.

We have put together an example of what a Personal Trainer’s day may look like.

Jess recently completed her Cert III & IV in Fitness with HPC and is now a self-employed Personal Trainer!

Check out how Jess spends her days now:


Jess throws on her exercise gear and makes her way to the beach for her first session of the day.


Jess meets her clients Sally and Kate at her favourite beach for their weekly hour-long, two-on-one training session. Jess puts the girls through their paces while admiring the surroundings.


Jess’ next client, Carly, arrives for her hour-long, one-on-one session. Carly likes Jess to put her through a tough leg session to give her that extra push.


Jess meets her next group fitness clients for a boxing for fitness session. This is a class of 10 people from a local retail group’s head office and is conducted in their grounds.


Jess catches up on client emails and checks in on her e-commerce store, today she sold two 12 week booty programs to international subscribers.


Jess goes shopping for her Mum’s birthday present and picks up some groceries for dinner while she’s at it.


Jess heads to the gym for her daily session.


Jess meets her next client, Mel, at the HPC Personal Training studio, where she runs her business from. Mel has her monthly bio scan today and she’s down another kilo of body fat! Mel had previously been just going to the gym herself and plateaued, but has seen a real improvement under Jess’ nutrition and exercise guidance.


Jess meets, Tom, her final client of the day. Tom and Jess have been working together for the past 8 weeks. Besides their one-on-one sessions at the centre Jess is also putting together a nutrition plan for Tom.


Jess arrives home to prep dinner and the next day’s lunch, while she’s watching TV.

Everyone’s day is going to be different once you get out in the industry, but this is a great example of what it could look like. There are so many different ways you can spend your days and with such a large variety of options – whether you’re working with children or adults, beginners or experienced athletes, in a gym or working outdoors, the possibilities are endless!

Working for yourself can be hard, but the feeling of doing what you love every day and having the ability to it around your lifestyle is truly amazing!