5 Ways To Generate Income as a PT

Envision this… holidaying on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Bora Bora kicking back drinking pina coladas or protein shakes if that’s your ‘flava’ – I know my preference. Regardless, that’s the dream though right? Whether it’s only for a short stay or, even better, being able to run your business from anywhere in the world, there’s multiple ways to generate income as a personal trainer! Here are some of our favourites, both hands on & passive!

1. One on One Sessions

State the obvious right? But it’s ‘personal’ training, so it’s time to get personal! 1on1 sessions are a great way to build rapport with clients and ensure the longevity of your relationship. Generally speaking, PT’s charge between $40 – $90 per hour – not bad right? One major PRO to face to face clients, they tend to feel more accountable to you as they are both emotionally and financially invested into YOU.

2. Boot Camps

If you’re the type of person who wants to lap up time in the sun as well as make some bank, this is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Group sessions are a great way to get your clients motivated and outdoors. Some PT’s are now breaking the conventional “pay per bootcamp” and set their clients up on payment plan averaging around $40+ for 3 session a week. So let’s do the maths If you have 10 clients at $40 per week that’s a steady $400 for 3 hours of bootcamps- that averages out to $133 per/hour.

3. Online Clients

It’s 2019 & if you aren’t thinking online, it’s time to open up your mind! Online programs and meals plans are becoming more popular than ever! This allows people to start the journey in a comfortable environment and still stay accountable through support (mainly email, don’t worry – there’s no answering work calls on the beaches in Bora Bora)
There are multiple ways to set this up, it could be selling a 12 week challenge, 90 day transformation, a once off meal plan or our favourite – full unlimited online coaching with weekly direct debits. Why this is our favourite? Instead of clients looking for a quick fix this offers them ongoing support & generally gives you more time to assist them changing habits for the long term.

4. eBooks

This is a great lead generator, once you have established your website with your coaching options, it’s time to start creating! Depending on your niche, this is a wonderful way to take authority of a topic you’re passionate about, build trust with potential future clients & generate new leads! If you are PT who specialises in female training, maybe a booty building Ebook is for you. The options are endless!

5. Affiliate Marketing

Making money while you sleep – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? With affiliate marketing it’s possible, but you have to put in the hustle first. Most brands have affiliate programs as it is word of mouth that drives most sales in this day and age, even if it is through the internet. You can sign up for some of these affiliate programs online, although in most cases it’s best to contact brands you are passionate about to stay true and genuine to your audience. When you sign up to these programs, you will usually either receive a discount code or potential a link that will be of benefit to your audience to use & from their purchase, you will receive a % kickback.

Now instead of thinking about it, JUST START!


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