5 Tips To Successful Training

We’ve all been there, it’s Sunday night & we’re planning our training schedule for the week to ensure that we get all those workouts in (unlike last week!); but before we know it, Friday rolls around & we still haven’t done that back & chest session we were meant to do on Tuesday. Sound familiar? Here are my 5 tips to successful training for your week ahead:


Both about your time, & your physical capabilities. Most of us work, parent, or study full-time; so it really is vital that we’re realistic when planning our training sessions for the week. You may want to do a 90 minute session, but only have time for 45 minutes, so why not make that 45 minutes more challenging? Make the most of what you’ve got.


sometimes unforeseeable events happen, that’s part of life; however, we can be prepared for that by implementing a few strategies so that when those things pop up out of the blue, it doesn’t cost us time from our health & the things we love. For example, sometimes I sleep through my alarm due to a restless night. This means that I don’t have time for my pre-work training session. So I pack my gym gear in my handbag & take it to work with me, that way on my lunch break, or after work, I can still get my training in (which always makes me feel a million times better after a sleepless night).


You don’t show up to work scratching your head & wondering what you feel like doing today, right? Your training should be no different. Always walk into your training space with a plan of attack in mind, & stick to it.


If this is something you don’t know much about, or aren’t fully confident in, I recommend that you make an appointment with one of our Trainers to go through your eating with you. It’s important that you know exactly how to eat in a way that gives you’re body the best results when working in partnership with your planned training sessions.


It actually is a thing. When training consistently, we need to plan proper rest days for our muscles & body to recover & catch up. Think of it like an engine: if you keep the engine running hot all the time, it will eventually burn out. We are no different, our bodies respond far better to smart training & clean eating, when we give it the right amount of time to cool down & just take it all in. Rest is where the muscle repair & growth takes place.


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