Why choose us?

When it comes to teaching, not only are we on a different page, we are in a different book

  • A staggering 86% of our students come from word of mouth referrals.
  • Student flexibility. We know how busy your life can be and we will offer you so many opportunities to help you get through your studies.
  • The most EPIC training facility which is purpose built for you to learn in.
  • Face to face, hands-on training – we do it ALL here with you.
  • Unrivalled ongoing support. We are always here to help.
  • We are here to teach, guide and nurture you along your journey.
  • Being an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) means we have undergone intensive auditing to ensure a high standard of training is maintained.
  • Access to InBody Body Composition Analysers.  Our way of proving to you that what we teach, works!

Our commitment to you

Handy payment plans

Different options available depending on YOUR situation.

Why choose us?

Over 80% of our students come from a referral. Find out why!


Never miss a class! Sit or re-sit any class – no extra cost.


Join the team that puts YOU first. So much support available.

Face to face learning

ALL delivery including practical hours done right here.

Our vibe

Energy is everything. Nobody does it like we do!


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