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Working full-time and studying on the side sounds daunting.

But that’s exactly what Carla did, you could take the leap too.

Jumping back into study can be daunting and there are so many factors that can prevent you from taking the leap – money, time, relationships, self-esteem and the big one – FEAR.

For Carla, a toxic relationship combined with the fear of not knowing if she could handle full time work plus study was enough to hold her back, but a chance run in with a friend who has had major success within the industry gave her the confidence to enrol into her course with HPC.

Carla’s Path to Study

There are so many things to consider when studying and working full time – for some, 2 days of full time study is manageable, but for others, it can be a bit more difficult to work it around their day to day life. That’s why we have different options to suit different lifestyles.

“To be perfectly honest I was extremely unhappy. I was in a toxic relationship and a job that I didn’t feel satisfaction in as I knew my passion wasn’t there- it was in the gym and helping people.

My father had suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke around the time that I started at HPC so I had a lot of stress on my plate and I felt completely lost and depressed. I had always heard such great word of mouth reviews and referrals to go through HPC and word of mouth is always a good sign.”

Turning Passion into Knowhow

“Throughout my time at HPC, I learnt real life skills that you will need when you become a personal trainer as well as the ins-and-outs of creating a business plan. The biggest thing I walked away with was the satisfaction of knowing that it is possible to work full time, study and maintain a personal and social life – that the impossible can become possible.”

What’s life like now?

“I am now a fully qualified personal trainer at Goodlife Robina which is one of the best commercial gyms in the state.

A year later and I am in the best shape I have ever been both physically and mentally, running a successful business doing what I love and thriving in every aspect. Within 2 months I built my business to over 20 sessions a week and it is growing day by day.  It is safe to say that for the first time in my entire life that life is good – really good.

I loved every single person I met at HPC and will be visiting in future to sit in on classes, meet new trainers coming into the industry or just to come in for a chat as I know I will always be welcome through their doors.”

And for anyone on the fence?

“The thing I enjoyed the most was the culture that has been created there, the staff were always more than accommodating and supportive, and I made some lifelong friends along the way too.

It will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself as I cannot even begin to describe how much my life has transformed since I began my journey with HPC. I was listening to a speech recently by Tony Robbins where the key message was that you need to turn your ‘should’s’ into your ‘must’s’ if you are going to create any lasting change in your life. Make the decision and just do it, you won’t look back.”


Don’t wait for everything to “fall into place”, the best time to get started is now. Take the leap like Carla did and start your creating your dream life.

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