Provide First Aid including CPR. Short course, Gold Coast

ensure you’re equipped to save a life

with the Provide First Aid short course.

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (including CPR)

Would you know what to do if a child was choking, or how to look after a broken limb until the Emergency Services got to the scene? First Aid & CPR is a range of skills & qualifications that everyone should have – not just for business, but for our loved ones.

  • Provide First Aid lasts for 3 years
  • CPR lasts for 1 year

Provide First Aid units

Provide First Aid units
HLTAID001 Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLTAID003 Provide First Aid

Course Cost

Provide First Aid incl CPR $110

CPR only $60

Course Dates

Course time: 8.30am – 4.00pm

Thursday 1 November 2018

Saturday 2 February 2019

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Thursday 14 March 2019

Saturday 11 May 2019

Monday 3 June 2019

Thursday 4 July 2019

Saturday 3 August 2019

Monday 9 September 2019

Friday 11 October 2019

Saturday 2 November 2019

Monday 16 December 2019

Thursday 23 January 2020

Sunday 16 February 2020

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